Calendar Girls (2003)

Helen Mirren, Julie Walters, Penelope Wilton, John Alderton,
A Women's Institute chapter's fundraising effort for a local hospital by posing nude for a calendar becomes a media sensation.
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/ 10

Did you know what makes the difference between "Art and Pornography"?Wellit´s the artist. This was one of the stroking scenes of the film"CalendarGirls". This film is profundly moving and even more because it is basedon atrue story. The women of the W.I club somewhere in Yorkshire are famousforplum jam and speeches on different household or gardening items which aremostly quite tedious.The situation changes by the time the husband of Annie (JulieWalters)suffers from leukemia and can´t get through. Annie´s best friendChris (Helen Mirren)comes up with the idea of a nude calendar with thewomenof the W.I. club to raise money for a settee at the leukemia ward at thelocal hospital. At first everybody is quite suspicious but the calendarturns out as a tremendous success which brings the girls even toHollywood.

I have rarely ever seen such a heart-warming and inspiring film. Thismoviemakes you laugh and cry almost at the same time. (My favourite scene wastheone with the oregano-joint ;-).) As most British comedies the actors werefabulous and the jokes did not seem constructed like they do in mostHollywood productions.

This film is a hymn for all middle aged women. It shows the world that40+women can look great even when they are nude. "The women of Yorkshire arelike the flowers of Yorkshire in the last state of their lives they lookbest."

This film is highly recommendable for everybody even if you just want toseethe beautiful landscape of Yorkshire.

/ 10

One of the most delightful films of recent years, `Calendar Girls,' adistaff version of `The Full Monty,' is the true story of a group ofmiddle-aged English women who became international celebrities when theydesigned and posed for a nude fundraising calendar that sold millions ofcopies worldwide. Julie Walters and Helen Mirren head a wonderful cast,with Walters as a woman whose husband dies of leukemia and Mirren as herbest friend who comes up with the idea of the calendar as a way of bothhonoring his memory and raising money for the local hospital.

The risk for any `feel good' comedy is that it will become cloying, coy orcutesy. Luckily, `Calendar Girls' boasts an enormously witty screenplay andfirst-rate performances by its highly gifted cast. Each of the `girls' isgiven her own unique personality so that we see them not just as a group,united in this inspiring endeavor, but as individuals working through theirown personal demons on the rode to the project's completion. The women facethe expected roadblocks and snafus in the form of `shocked,' disapprovingvoices in the community, but their belief in the rightness of their causebrushes all such problems aside.

This charming film provides more genuine, out-and-out laughs than almost anycomedy of recent times. `Calendar Girls' is heartwarming, touching andinspiring – and what more could one ask from a `feel-good' film than that?

/ 10

I did not expect to enjoy this movie; from the few descriptions I'dseen I thought it would be a string of silly gags about nudity. I couldnot have been more wrong. The story involves some normal, believablecharacters dealing with grief and with the habitual narrowness of theirlives in a creative way. I liked them and believed in them. At timessome of the characters seem a bit to good to be true, but far moreoften I found myself thinking "yes, I know people like that." Theirflaws and errors of judgment are handled well. When I first saw thismovie I was totally unaware that it was based on a true story; thatfact just put the cap on it. There's a little bit of saccharine, but alot more unfiltered honey.

7/10 / 10

Based on a true story. There is a Women's Institute in YorkshireEngland, a tiny little town. The Institute decides to raise money fornew furniture for a local hospital. They decide the only way to raisemoney is do a nude calendar with members. The problem is all themembers are 50+! The calendar is done and is a roaring success. Thefilm focuses on some of the women and how the calendar affects theirfamilies and personal lives.

Whimsical is the best way to describe this. It's one of those Britishcomedies that has few laughs, but is very lighthearted and has someserious drama in it. I can't say I loved the movie--the script, whilewell-written, is scattershot and the light, low-key tone was TOOlow-key for me. And some story lines are brought up (one of the womenhas a cheating husband) and are never resolved. Still, there were somegood laughs in it and there is some just beautiful views of (I'massuming) Yorkshire. Especially incredible is a view of the entire townfrom on top of a huge rock overlooking the area.

Also we have some wonderful British actresses playing in the leadroles. The two best were Helen Mirren (who's just great--again) andJulie Walters (who looks absolutely stunning). Also this is one of thefew films that celebrates the sexuality of women who are 50+. How manymovies do you you see like that nowadays? Of course this is a Britishfilm--Hollywood would NEVER tell a story like this. Also the film doeshave some fairly explicit glimpses of female nudity--but they're notsexual in context and ARE needed for the integrity of the story.

I'm giving this a 7.

6/10 / 10

In the small town of Knapely, Yorkshire, England, Annie Clarke (JulieWalters) has just lost her husband, who was ill with leukemia. Inspiredin his speech to the local Women's Institute, where he said that "theflowers of Yorkshire are like the women of Yorkshire", and "the lastphase of the women of Yorkshire is always the most glorious", her bestfriend Chris Harper (Helen Mirren) decides to make a calendar withtwelve local middle-age women nude to raise funds for the wing ofleukemia treatment in the local hospital. The calendar becomes wellsucceeded, making them famous and affecting their lives.

"Calendar Girls" is a good dramatic comedy, with an interestingscreenplay and great performances of Julie Walters and Helen Mirren. Itbecomes funnier because of the behavior clichés of the Britishhusbands. I found hilarious the scene of the breakfast, when thehusband tells his wife that she is nude in the newspaper, and then heasks for the bacon. This movie is a good entertainment. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Garotas do Calendário" ("Calendar Girls")