Buckskin (2021)

Tom Zembrod, Robert Keith, Blaze Freeman, Corey Cannon, Billy Blair, Jeremy Gauna,
Buckskin is a movie starring Tom Zembrod, Robert Keith, and Blaze Freeman. Set in 1820, a Texan fur trapper journeys into the mysterious Buckskin woods in the hopes of saving a lost young boy.
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  • Brett Bentman, Director:
  • Tiffany McDonald, Producer:


10 / 10

Keeps you guessing....

This movie kept me guessing til the end. Starting from the opening scene, it moved at a great pace and I never felt bored or that it was dragging. The actors made the story believable and I wanted to keep watching to find out what was going to happen next. Definitely one to watch or put on your list!

2 / 10

Quite a mess....

Really couldn't follow it! Seems the editing is all out of whack! One minute he is walking through the woods, the next it's months later and he's bloodied? Lost the plot .. didn't get to halfway.

1 / 10

Worse script ever!

The acting is awfulthe script is awfulThe story is awfulIn fact it's all awful.

9 / 10

It's a good watch!

Engaging story that keeps your attention, crazy ending, and great acting by the lead roles (Tom Zembrod and Blaze Freeman)!

10 / 10


Interesting story that keeps you hooked to the very end. Reminded me a little of the "Revenant". Definitely worth watching!