Bryan the RomCom (2018)

Vernon Wells, Felissa Rose, Sarah French, Konstantin Lavysh,
In order to cheer up recently divorced Chloe, her friend, Sam gives her a giant teddy bear, Bearry. As Chloe confides her wishes to Bearry, people close to her go missing or die. Is Chloe a murderer, is it her stalker? or is it Be...
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  • Kathleen W. Hwang, Anthony Werley, Writer:
  • Alexander T. Hwang, Director:
  • Thomas Haley, Producer:

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4 / 10

A bit of a Laugh

Not sure if this was supposed to be a comedy, but let me tell ya... Bearry got a few laughs out of me. Definitely Not even a B-Movie, but the teddy bear is a star!!! Lol.

8 / 10

Vernon Wells is in it!

I get a kick out of offbeat movies like this. It makes no attempt to explain why Bearry can do what Bearry does, and nor should it. It's unapologetic fun with plenty of laughs - especially all the douchebag dates along the way. Chloe's boss totally cracked me up too. I don't know where they found that guy, but he was gold. Oh, and Vernon Wells is in it!

3 / 10

C Grade Film, But It's Got a Murder Bear!

This isn't a B-Movie, it's probably C grade, but this film knows its not a good film, and doesn't take itself too seriously. Which I really like, and if you know in knowing its going to be terrible. There's things to enjoy about it.

I mean a teddy bear murdering people, it's gloriously terrible. Like with a better budget they could have done a lot more with the concept. But it's still fun.

7 / 10

missed an opportunity .....BUT ....

HEY EVERYBODY ITS ME (4) and today we review ..........the berry springer show ....the movie !!!!!!!

So a movie about a killer bear ? ....but a killer teddy bear that is ? ...sure why not , in the era of killer donuts, killer sofas ...why not killer teddy bears i mean we already have a drunk mouthy one thats afraid of thunder storms why not one that kills you too .......

personally THESE types of movies are what REALLY makes watching movies fun, the crazy ideas people come up with to try and make something interesting and different , not your run of the mill everyday film , but one that is out side of the remake,reboot,prequel,sequesl,REquel/marvel or DC film box that everyone is doing these days ....indie films have become the ONLY place to go for ANYTHING with original ideas anymore........ not to say a autonomous teddy is new ..... but at least this has some fun moments and its own take on the idea ...a KILLER teddy .........and the animated teddy thing has yet to be over done .... killer dolls yea a bit played out BUT KILLER TEDDY ....oh no we still a good 30 more films to go before then lol.........

so obviously this is a low budget film, and its got a few b-film familiar faces .......the acting is decent enough, though at points can be a bit over the top, and the FX are decent enough as well .... the story is nothing too over the top semi delves into a more "deep story" at the end with the crazy lady showing up talking about controlled killer teddies BUT they dont do much wit hit ... just mention AND gone ..... NOW i almost expected it to lead to a terminator teddy at the end BUT NOPE so i admit ....missed opportunity there you guys should have grabbed that robotic bull by the horns and ran with it because that could have / would have been pretty cool to see at the end..... of course paying homage to the terminator , his face half blown off and robo teddy showing, red eye lazer targets the girl, he raises his NOW burned off machine gun had up and lets lose a hail of bullets into the building, or a car , etc ... yea think about it . And honestly being low budget, the FX woulndt have even been hard to pull off for that AT ALL i literally make that kind of thing for fun....... so .... dang ........

BUT that aside .......over all it was a fun little film... taking on the hardships of dating after a relationship goes to crap and having overBEARING (see what i did there) people in your life pushing you to jump right back in .........oh and also those people getting you a giant killer teddy to cuddle ..and ...possibly have a odd ....sexual ....kind of thing with ...hey hashtag 2022 i aint judging ... just sayin ........ POINT being .......[this is obviously a film not going to take its self to seriously , its about a giant stuffed animal out to kill people if you are into straight up horror flicks ...skip...if you like a little comedy in your horror coffee then check it out .......


8 / 10

Such a Fun Film

Bravo to all the fine folks associated with this little gem of a film. It was so funny! The actors were all terrific and the story held my interest from beginning to end. There were no flat spots for not only me but my wife too and that's saying a lot! Nice job folks!!