Brothers of the Night (2016)

Soft boys by day, kings by night. The film follows a group of young Bulgarian Roma who come to Vienna looking for freedom and a quick buck. They sell their bodies as if that's all they had. What comforts them, so far from home, is...
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  • Patric Chiha, Director:
  • Vincent Lucassen, Ebba Sinzinger, Producer:

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1 / 10

88 minutes of dialogue with nothing to say

While supposedly a documentary, this film follows a bunch of supposed "Roma" (gypsies) from Bulgaria who have supposedly temporarily migrated to Vienna to have sex with men for money. This is literally the topic of EVERY scene...and even still, everything seems completely contrived; the camera angles, the dialogue and blocking (one characters is supposedly too drunk to stand, yet manages to hit his "mark" throughout the scene and stay exactly in frame). This is just boring on all levels.

4 / 10

No real insights.

Usually when one watches a documentary about some subculture of reality, one expects to learn something. In this case, you will learn no more than what you already knew: prostitution exists, and people usually resort to it because they are desperate for money. All of the detailed elaborations of blowjobs, etc., don't really teach us anything new. The quality of this production is on a par with reality tv. The "stars" probably agreed to participate in the hopes that they might be discovered by some movie producer somewhere. Perhaps they will be approached by a porn-production company. The whole thing is somewhat depressing. It's all posturing, posing, vanity, depravity.