Bronx (\N)

Bronx is a movie starring Lannick Gautry, Stanislas Merhar, and Kaaris. Caught in the cross hairs of police corruption and Marseille's warring gangs, a loyal cop must protect his squad by taking matters into his own hands.
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7 / 10

Enjoyable Carnage...

A very French cops and gangsters film set in Marseille. Nearly everyone's having an affair, smokes, drinks too much, turns a blind eye, breaks the rules, is corrupt or a corruptor.Well framed with some excellent shoot outs, some clever twists to keep you guessing, and a finale that I certainly didn't see coming. I almost hit the stop button as a twee French acoustic love song came on, a que for the end credits. It wasn't, don't stop, keep watching.Recommended but not an award winner, a solid 7.

8 / 10

Alwais a biger fish

Solid polar action movie made in France. A lot of french famous polar actors (Moussa Maaskri, Herard Lanvin and mister Jean Reno himself) and a great movie end

8 / 10

raw but special...

And you have to go to french cinema to find such caracteristiques from the grumpy old man.

its a dead on target film about strains of south french mafia, very corrupt police at all levels, and a twist at the end that i didnt forsee to come. there are extreme shootouts, tons of blood in an extremely complicated plot that only socalled genials can commit and produce, and the action does never stop and you havent got a clue who to trust.

its a harsh and extremely realisticly made film that wont fit everyone, and just say that if youre a corrupt civil servant or if suicide lingers in your depressed mind, then take a break and skip this.

for the rest, eat this frog of supercriminal filmaction, its not a ten ,though a very strong 8

6 / 10

French Cops and Robbers

IMHO the only really good gangster films are American. Occasionally the South Koreans put out a good film, ands the British are best at funny cop films, but usually can't b e taken seriously, with some exceptions. The French are really poor at this type of film, but given what they usually produce, this is a pretty good one. Don't be fooled by the fact that Jean Reno is in it. This is probably the worst acting job he's ever done.

8 / 10

Great action and a solid story

It will surprise you and entertain you. Unless of course, you are spending your time caught up with the gender identity debat, go watch Brokeback Mountain or something. This is a man's movie. Hell. Even my mom in law enjoys it, that's right, this movie is so good you can put it on when your wife's mom is visiting. Watch it.