Broken (\N)

Skylar Radzion, Griffin Cork, Karl Campbell, Laura Buckles,
What starts as just another delivery becomes the catalyst for life-shattering trouble. With Brian injured and evidence mounting against them, three friends find themselves on the run from the law. In a panic, Brian turns to his mento
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  • Keith Johnson, Writer:
  • Patrick Phillips, Director:
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3 / 10


Movie was boring.. I switched off after 30 mins.. It was a torturre to continue. More acting classes needed here.. One of the worst movies ive seen this year.

2 / 10

when patheticicm becomes...

More pathetic than pathetic, then youre on to something when viewing this ''thriller. Its a small amateur semi-pro cast of 8-9 individuals and their competance of acting are fairly existing. That may also be a result of a shallow screenplay and lowleg direction from dir.and prod. Mr phillips, it may also be as a consequence of ice cold darkness, and winterly freezy conditions up somewhere in the mountains usa. The editing are at crucial moments clumsy, and the realism of the story are far way from believable. Also a sore point made from an aging nurse is the case of a shoulder shot wound, the lack of pain and the sissymans craftmanship of torniqation and dressing and bandaging the shot wound. A director of prominense wouldve dealt with a shouldershot in a different way, cause the aftermath here its everything as usual and the pain and gain is forgotten immidiately.

The story begins with an interview situation of a possible suspect, and the story is told in flashbacks and retrospectiveness. Also the policework are very agathaeisiouss, just an officer that resonates like sherlock holmes by use of sense instead of science.

No this is not a film that i will recommend, it makes all the newbi flops, and the choie of background score( or noise or whatever) gives a fullfillingstigmae of being made on a buck of nothing with sky high ambitions. It not even feature length, thank goodness for that. A positive sign is the bluring of the cameravision here and there so its a start on something for forthcoming projects.

Boring and nothing groundbreaking thinks the grumpy old man.