Broken Down (2019)

Kevin Wayne, Lorna Street Dopson, Matt Story, Eduardo Losan,
A homeless man with severe agoraphobia can't leave his car but when a child needs help, his heart opens the door.
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  • Jessy Cale Williamson, Director:
  • Sam Cobean, Grace LaRocca, Rachel Perlis, John Salcido, Jeremy Dean Turner, Producer:

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4 / 10

laughably awful acting. Get some $$and Redo it.

The idea for the story isn't bad. Had the cast been better ,they might have pulled it off. You can tell there was no money for this movie as the ambulance barely started during one scene. Clearly it wasn't a real ambulance. Also the writing was pretty bad. Obvious non smokers pretending to smoke always bothers me. Again the concept for a guy stuck in his car is a good one, they just need somebody to do it properly. Rewrite it and recast it.