Brahmastra (2019)

Amitabh Bachchan, Alia Bhatt, Ranbir Kapoor, Mouni Roy, Abdul Quadir Amin, Nagarjuna Akkineni, Dimple Kapadia, Deepak Tijori, Divyendu Sharma,
This is the story of Shiva who sets out in search of love and self-discovery. During his journey, he has to face many evil forces that threaten our existence.
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2 / 10

Great visuals, but...

If you want big music and extra ordinary visuals! This movie is for you!

I went in for content, and it was just okayish. At times, even boring in the first half.

It annoys me how difficult it is for big Bollywood producers to understand that big popular casts, music, visuals and promotion aren't what make a movie, but instead good story and more importantly, amazing storytelling abilities!

Wake up Bollywood! Now is the time!

Note: Don't praise advance booking as it's just result of good promotion, and not good movie.

1 star for the efforts put in making thise vfx realistic1 star for the interesting idea of Astra

I just hope the 2nd part is better.

2 / 10

Pathetic movie

Other than VFX, there is no storyline, no engaging screenplay, horrible BGM, and cringy dialogs. Acting is better left unsaid. Had a headache after listening to the jarring BGM and watching non stop laser effects.

Looks very childish and there is no emotional connection between the characters. Looks like they chose the locations and then decided the story and screenplay. Had to undergo the pain of watching his movie as my friend had booked a ticket for me as well. Length of the movie is another unbearable thing and the ambiguity around the climax given that there is going to be a part 2 (I sincerely hope not) is adding fuel to the fire.

Don't waste your hard earned money on this movie. In one word, pathetic.

2 / 10

Overdoing Animation, Lacks Unique Plot, And Disappointment

I just watched the movie and came out of theatre. Totally disappointed. There's no special plot in the movie. It's just cameo and cameo like stars filled but no real dialogue delivery or fun. Thee VFX are quite good but it seems like trying too hard to show your animation skills, like forcefully overdoing it. Ravir Kapoor, who fits in roles of cute guys, like Barfi and similar love stories is playing a fierce guy in this movie. In no way he does not looks dangerous at all. There's just lighting flying in the skies, the actor is just standing and screaming and fire balls come out of his hands and none of that looks organic, or realistic in a sense. The visual effects are supposed to be confusing people about whether that's real or not. The audience can clearly say that's fake. Any dialogues, worst. It's a disaster and disappointment movie. Waste of 450 crores, save your money.

1 / 10

Not at all upto the hype

Movie starts at good pace ....but slowly looses all its hype by dragging the love story of Ranbhir and Alia.

Plus the dialogues are soo bad that they have spoiled complete mood of audience. This was a good opportunity for Bollywood to come back but all wasted by wrong dialogues and loop holes in script. Songs could have been avoided ....just some background score would be sufficient for this.

SRK entry plays and important role but that is not enough to save the movie. I doubt 2nd part of this movie will ever be made.

Bollywood need to invest more in movies or come up with new ideas as audience have exposure to everything now.

4 / 10

Visual treat in 3d which misses story line

Brahmastra is good to watch for 3d only if you are in for visual treat attempted by Bollywood but that's all I have to say.

In terms of storyline it lacks what Karthikeya 2 was able to achieve with its storyline and narration.

Songs are good too but I am really amazed when I see that director took so long but the storyline after interval went boring.

My verdict that Bollywood needs to come out of Love story mode and present more logical and reasoning along with joyful moments depiction in their movie.

Movie is ok for 1 time watch for the visual treat whoch Ayan mukherji tried and for the efforts.