Brad Williams: Fun Size (2015)

Comedian Brad Williams' standup topics include his experiences as a little person and how to please your woman in bed.
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8 / 10

Brad's first hour-long comedy special

Brad Williams is not only a comedian, he's also a little person, which he also refers to as a midget and a dwarf. Much of the comedy in his performance is based on his unusual stature. As he says, "Here's how I write jokes: Step 1. Be a dwarf. Step 2. Wait." Funny things happen to him, and they make for lots of funny stories for his act. He tells these stories with a very high energy delivery that really illustrates the humor of the situation, sometimes switching easily between accents to convey various characters. In the latter part of his act, he brags about his sexual prowess with women and gives advice to men on how to sexually satisfy their women. While he's funny now, I think basing so much of his material on his experiences of "being a dwarf" may eventually get old and limit his career. But for now at least, he's pretty darn funny and this special is a joy to watch.

10 / 10

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Haven't Laughed this much in forever..The only time I've been thrilled to get a fun size treat.. ??