Bo Gia (2021)

Viet Anh, Aquay, Che Nguyen Quynh Chau, Ngan Chi,
It centers around Sang, an old motorbike rider who lives in a low-income neighborhood in HCMC. Although Sang is poor and suffers from an illness, he always sacrifices himself for his family.
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  • Ho Thuc An, Nhi Bui, Writer:
  • Tran Thanh, Ngoc Dang Vu, Director:
  • Thao Nguyen, Producer:

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1 / 10

You know it's a comedy, because everyone is shouting.

And overacting. And trying their best to be silly. But mostly, just shouting. It's exhausting. Characters are all one-dimensional, the "plot" is almost completely missing, the camera work and edits are jarring, women are slapped with zero repercussions, children are thrown to the ground with zero repercussions, and everyone shouts. Or emotes loudly. But mostly shouts.

Have I mentioned the shouting...?

1 / 10

Overhyped and no substance ...

Acting is average, the conversation is not authentic ...Nothing special about the plot ..typical Asian style movie. Surprised to have it rated this high.

1 / 10

Sooooo Overrated!

This movie has some of the worst and most annoying characters ever.

1 / 10

Predictable plot

Most of the actors over exaggerate expression.most of the line were rush and shout all the times. Actor not likeable. Most of the scene and plot we can see in our Dailydrama and better than this movie in every aspect.

1 / 10

This flim is suck

The main character has the fake beard ??? That's not sense. A lot of actors had work to play their role, cuz that guy is so f*kin joke, and call that is the sad movie :v...