Bloodknot (1995)

Margot Kidder, Allan Royal, Ashleigh Ann Wood, Patrick Dempsey,
Bloodknot is a TV movie starring Margot Kidder, Allan Royal, and Ashleigh Ann Wood. A grieving family opens its household to an unknown women who claims to have been their dearly departed's girlfriend.
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  • Randy Kornfield, Writer:
  • Jorge Montesi, Director:
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6 / 10

A Movie That Begins as a Good Thriller, and Ends Like a Mexican Soap-Opera

Kaye (Kate Vernon) meets private Connie (Nancy Cser) in a bar, while watching television news. The matter is about the death of a soldier, and the grief of his family. Pretty soon, she defends Connie and herself against the inconvenient insistence of a man inviting them to have a drink with him, using a pocket knife. The next scene shows Kaye arriving in the town where the family of the dead soldier lives, wearing Connie's uniform and identity. She presents herself to the family as being his fiancée while he was in the Army, and is invited by the family to stay in his home. She gets close to his young sister Gail (Ashleigh Ann Wood), seduces his brother Tom (Patrick Dempsey) and convinces his parents Evelyn (Margot Kidder) and Arthur (Alan Royal) that she is a nice girl. Meanwhile, Julie (Krista Bridges), former girlfriend of Tom investigates her past. Surprising revelation will be presented in the end. This movie has a very intriguing presentation and confrontation, mixing thriller with some erotic and hot scenes, with Kate Vernon performing a very amoral woman. However, after the plot point II, the resolution of the story is ridiculous, ending like a Mexican soap-opera. Kate Vernon is beautiful and sexy and has a good performance with her mysterious character, but unfortunately she can not support such ending. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "A Desconhecida" ("The Unknown (Woman)")

5 / 10

Very odd film, Somehow manages too hook you though.

This is a very odd film.

But to say this would be kind of an understatement because this film is like a road accident. you really don't want to watch but somehow it hooks you in and you end up watching.

It's got lots of sexual scenes. Some in places you would not expect sex scenes to take place and while this might please some viewers it doesn't help make the film any better.

I didn't find this film entertaining in the true sense of the word but it did help to pass the time.....

Definitely a film for insomniacs and people who just can't sleep.

6 / 10

typical TV thriller but with a bit of nudity

This flick is still unreleased on DVD or Blu Ray and that's weird because it got some names in it that aren't unknown for fans of horror or science-fiction. Margot Kidder (Evelyn) we know from Black Christmas (1974) and Superman (1978). Kate Vernon we all knew from Battlestar Galactica the remake as Ellen Tigh or earlier from Pretty In Pink (1986). In fact I can go on and on, some went to Transformers or Land Of The Dead, all genre flicks.

Even the director, Jorge Montesi, went further into series mostly concerning science-fiction. This flick here had nothing to do with horror or science-fiction, in fact, it's low on everything but the story is well written en due the directing you keep watching until the end to know what is going on.

When a soldier dies, suddenly in front of the grieving family appears a girl who says she 's the lover of the unfortunate soldier. The take her into their house and slowly her mystery is solved. Towards the end it got out of hand but being a television flick it's low on the red stuff, surprisingly it do had some nudity and not the least, Kate Vernon goes all the way and even shows her pubic hair. I guess that they tried to use the success of erotic thrillers like Basic Instinct (1992).

I liked it and maybe for some it's a hunt down to go back on memory lane with all those names from yesterdays. Only available on NTSC ex rental VHS.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 1,5/5 Effects 0/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5

4 / 10

I own this movie

Like the previous posters, the movie starts of EXCELLENT then tapers off. Tom's girlfriend is ANNOYING as hell which is why I can't empathise with her insecurities about her and Toms' future. She is about as nutty as the main character.

Kaye/Connie was an excellent character, but the gratuitous sex scenes are really unnecessary.

I am always happy to see Margot Kidder working but her role in this movie isn't one of her best works.

If you like campy cheesy movies this is the one for you. It DOES hold your attention no matter how many times you have seen it to the end so that is why I rate it a four.

1 / 10

Poor story of US Marines

This deserves a 'Turkey' rating! A news reporter said 8 US soldiers were killed in a helicopter crash in Saudi Arabia and the US Army would issue a report on the crash while showing one of the soldiers killed at a US Marine funeral with an honor guard. This honor guard does not have a proper gig line, and can not march. A US Marine is not a soldier, and would take offense if called 'soldier.' The further you get into the movie the more ridiculous this movie is. The screenplay is lousy, the acting poor, and the direction non-existent. Even the few TV stars can not save this movie. Low budget does not explain why this movie is so poor. No research is evident everywhere. I found it hard to accept Kate Vernon wearing a BAM uniform, that does not look USMC issue, with SGT stripes literally falling off her shoulder! This movie reveals itself as being a Canadian production, not an American production: police uniforms, EMS uniforms, Canadian beer, and Canadian scenery are just a few giveaways. Avoid this movie at all costs.