Blood and Steel, Cedar Crest Country Club (2017)

Bucky Lasek,
Blood and Steel, Cedar Crest Country Club is a movie starring Bruce Adams, Andy Bittner, and Sam Boo. In the middle of nowhere lived an unexpected piece of skateboarding and punk music history. "The Crest"..a skateboarding mecca of...
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4 / 10

Interesting story, but...

Fascinating story about a massive, professionally built skate ramp in Northern Virginia. This doc starts out charting the skateboard craze of the late 70s and early 80s before litigious suits brought it all down. Out of desperation and luck, we see how the Cedar Crest Country Club ended up with a legendary ramp and scene.

However, there's no real meat here to grab ahold of. It lacks any real cohesive story and pacing to keep the viewer entranced. This ain't no Dog Town and Z-Boyz! It trails off into uninteresting home movies and too many personal "whoa, rad dude, let's party" anecdotes before the whole thing fades away. Honestly, the second half was a tough slog to get through.

Glad it was made, but surely a two paragraph Wikipedia entry has exactly the same info.

8 / 10

A time capsule

Sometimes you need a roll down memory lane to create perspective, and this documentary does just that. Don't go into this thinking you're watching just another skate or music doc made from lost VHS archives (although that's part of it) - There's a lot of those but this one stands out and resonates as it checks off all the boxes while stitching together an ostensibly disparate narrative, placing the viewer in the middle of all the chaos the title states. Don't sleep on this one, get your pads on and drop in.