Bliss (2019)

Bliss is a movie starring Owen Wilson, Salma Hayek, and Nesta Cooper. A mind-bending love story following Greg who, after recently being divorced and then fired, meets the mysterious Isabel, a woman living on the streets and...
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  • Mike Cahill, Director:
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3 / 10


3/10 - the trailer for this one had me expecting something more along the lines of Welcome to Marwen or Serenity (which I actually enjoyed), but this muddled mess of a film failed in almost all aspects

7 / 10

Kind of falls aprt at the end

Builds an interesting premise / world and then they go off on a tangent that does not jive with the rest of the movie. Maybe they cut some needed scenes from earlier in the movie that tied the end to the rest of the film. Maybe a diff crew finished the movie and could not reshoot the start. Hard to say but it would be better if i was consistent.

8 / 10

Amazing film! Bad marketing.

The way you react to this film depends on how you view two things: Drugs and Homelessness.

The trailer is very misleading as you may accidentally mistaken it for a sci-if thriller. It's not a thriller and can be very disappointing when you go through the film at first. Whoever developed the trailer did not market it well and is very upsetting.But if you sit back and experience it with no expectations, the film is actually very good.Our two main talented actors do a really good job of portraying these unique character and really give you a sense of who they are and what they are experiencing.As of the time of this review, the film was just recently released and already is having mixed reviews. It's a story inspired by real situations told in a unique and thought-provoking way.Which is why it really depends on your thoughts and views on the real world issues this is based on. It may come across as controversial in some ways but speaks some truth that isn't spoken enough about in the mainstream.The ending was super good and doesn't leave you upset or unsatisfied like some films like to do.Very solid and deserves more credit.Although, whoever was in charge of marketing did not do a good job.

6 / 10

Not what I was hoping for but ok

The trailer is kinda misleading, for sure. The first third of the movie was just so weird that I can't even put on words. Maybe a mix of boring, weird, not exactly believable stuff and something else. But then it starts to get interesting and actually gets your attention until the very final of it. I think they tried to end on a cliffhanger but it was not very well executed. I mean, if you have 1.5 hours to spare give it a shot, but just don't expect much.

3 / 10


Just a bad, bad movie. I like both the Actors, but this is one movie they should have passed up.