Blindfold (1966)

Rock Hudson, Claudia Cardinale, Jack Warden, Guy Stockwell,
A New York psychiatrist is solicited by government agents in connection with a former patient of his who also happens to be a scientist wanted by certain foreign powers.
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  • W.H. Menger, Lucille Fletcher, Writer:
  • Philip Dunne, Director:
  • Marvin Schwartz, Producer:

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/ 10

I've seen this mystery/comedy on one of the cable channels, a few yearsago.I believe it's a Universal picture, and it may be one of those movies thatthe studio hasn't gotten around to putting out on VHS or DVD.

It's not bad as a film, and I hope that it comes out on digital in theyearsahead.

Rock Hudson is his usual self in this film, playing his typical coolguy/nice guy self in trying to figure out who the good guys/villains are.And this movie did keep me guessing till the very end.

Nice movie

/ 10

This thriller/comedy never reaches great heights but is solidlyentertainingthroughout and that is more of an achievement then one might give it creditfor. To be sure, the plot elements and romantic element of two people whocan't stand each other for most of the film but eventually fall in love hasbeen done a million times before in various films over theyears.

But usually, films containing these elements come across as hackneyed,tiresome and dreary in some shape or form but Blindfold never feels likethat and is consistently good fun throughout its journey. Credit for thatmust go to Hudson and Cardinale who work well as a team and Hudson isespecially effective in the film's more comic moments. Jack Warden isreliably effective in his supporting role.

While Blindfold is no classic on any level the solid entertainment itprovides is something Hollywood consistently struggles to achieve to thisday in films created for that purpose.

If you want to see a really bad example of this genre, see the abysmalpseudo-hip caper comedy A Fine Pair starring Hudson and Cardinale againwhich is a disaster on all levels.

8/10 / 10

This was once a mainstay of top movies for TV, but has since becomeforgotten, a victim of being one of the better movies. The older moviesshown now are picked by the same people who have money in new movies,so they won't show good competition. This one had Rock Hudson playing alikable psychiatrist who becomes involved in espionage, treating a manwho is a high level security risk. He is taken to the location severaltimes, always blindfolded, and later, he must retrace his steps when herealizes something has gone wrong. A beautiful girl also has aninterest in finding this location, and she builds a relationship withRock, who does a great acting job of a heterosexual. Lots of greataction, some of it before it's time. When this film was made, textbooksstill claimed that no alligator ever killed a human being. Alligatorsbecome a major force here. There are lots of interesting bits,especially with the transportation the pair use in the swamp, "Henry".Enjoyable, and has all the classic attributes great movies have,without a lot of fanfare and big all star cast (although there are afew fairly big names). Well directed, and lots of fun.

6/10 / 10

"Blindfold" is an enjoyable suspense-romantic comedy carried off verynicely by a professional team with a good script. Rock delivers hislines beautifully. Claudia does too while being beautiful. At one pointwhen he tells her they're no longer engaged, her expression shiftsinstantaneously. She's good at swift mood changes. Jack Warden isreliable as an NSA agent who has recruited Rock to treat Claudia'sbrilliant scientist brother, Alejandro Rey. Guy Stockwell and his crewis out to kidnap Rey. Other comic elements include Brad Dexter as a copand Anne Seymour gets some sharp lines as Rock's secretary. Rock's apsychiatrist known to the press who gets involved and engaged to onewoman after another. Cardinale looks to be the real thing for him. LaloSchifrin provides good thematic music. The picture has a "Universal"sixties thriller look to it, and that's a plus. Not perhaps assuspenseful or as villainous as some other movies in this vein, thisone is on the lighter side. Lean back and enjoy.

/ 10

Good fun entertainment by Rock Hudson and Claudia Cardinale. As always JackWarden does a nice job in a support role. When Hudson is kidnapped he makesnote of the things he hears on the way to the kidnappers hideout. He is ableto help the police track down the kidnappers following the sounds. To thisday this movie stands out in my mind because of them noting the geesesounding like people at a party. Grab some popcorn and enjoy it if you arelucky enough to catch an airing of this on TV.