Blanche (2018)

Tommy Mangrem, Clifford Hardwick, Carolyn Mangrem, Suzanne O'Bryan,
Blanche is a movie starring Tommy Mangrem, Clifford Hardwick, and Carolyn Mangrem. A lonely, gritty west Texas rancher has disengaged from life after loss but an old compadre masterminds a crazy bet on a chicken named Blanche to...
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  • Steve Davis, Sam Pfiester, Writer:
  • Twila LaBar, Director:
  • Ed Pfiester, Liz Rogers, Producer:
10 / 10

Heartfelt and moving

This movie moved me and spoke volumes about how important family and friendships are! The actors did a wonderful job and everything about this movie was wonderful! Definitely a must watch and the music is amazing too! So I recommend this movie to everyone! Twila did an awesome job!

10 / 10

First time every movie played by first time actors - hits the stars

Businessman and author of 3 published books Sam Pfiester wrote the Blanche script inspired by a 50 years ago bet made in a small West Texas town. Playing a character in the movie it was impossible to know if it would hit a stump - or hit the stars.

Well... with a lot of Director/ Editor / songwriter & singer Twila Zlabar's MAGIC - the crowd first seeing it definitely thought it went beyond the stars. Thank you Twila. Thank you. It had been a fun time and an honor playing a small part -some say the villain- in Blanche.

10 / 10

Blanche (the movie) IS West Texas!

What a treat to watch a movie that causes one to reflect on what one holds dear about their piece of Texas - the PEOPLE. Hats off to the homegrown actors. All added genuineness - in spirit, speech and mannerisms. West Texas is a hard place to be from. With the boom and bust cycle of the oilfield, intense heat in the summers, drought, sandstorms, unceasing wind, and many other things newcomers don't care for - one has to be scrappy to stay. But if you do, you're sure to meet true characters (natives) like the ones in Blanche. You'll be the better for the introduction and enjoy some good old-fashioned fun along the way! Thanks to Sam Pfiester for bringing the essence of West Texas to the screen in such splendid simplicity - GREAT job! ????

8 / 10

Wonderful warming message on what friendship means

A great tale with beautiful West Texas scenery. Labor of love indeed.

10 / 10

What an uplifting movie

I truly loved this movie from start to finish. From the genuine Texan actors to the inspiring and engaging music that was perfect for the movie.

Clifford was so perfect with his antics and Tommy is a true cowboy. They portrayed how important friendships really are. And when friends get together "The miles don't even matter". Great song.

The whole theater just came alive from start to finish. People truly enjoyed the experience.

Watch this with your friends. It will make your friendship grow.