Blackball (2003)

Paul Kaye, James Cromwell, Alice Evans, Bernard Cribbins,
A rebellious young British bowls player teams with another older and more traditional player to take on the Australian bowls team.
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  • Tim Firth, Writer:
  • Mel Smith, Director:
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9/10 / 10

Well I was looking in my video shop for a 7 day rental (ie all thoseold films people don't want to watch any more), and was feeling quitehungover, so I didn't want to waste too much time. I grabbed thisbecause I've always liked Paul Kaye, and can honestly say its one ofthe funniest films I've seen in years. I'm not usually a fan of Britishcomedies, they tend to be a bit cheesy I think, but this was top class,I'm really surprised that no-one I know has mentioned it before.

If your a fan of bowls, then this might not be for you, as it does takethe mickey out of this age old sport. I was surprised to learn that itwas (loosely) based on a true story.

Some excellent cameos in it as well.

If you've not seen it, see it. If you've seen it, good.

1/10 / 10

If you are a comedian and starring in a film, I would have thought at somepoint you'd look at your own script. This obviously didnt happen withBlackball, a film so bad even Johnny Vegas isnt funny in it. If I couldspeak to Vince Vaughn I would say, 'Vince, i'm so sorry, please promise meyou never think of starring in a British film again'.The main problem is Kayes character. He starts off as a horrible **** whoyou hope gets thumped or loses a bowls match or just dies. He doesnt andsucceeds but carries on being a real idiot. You dont side with him, youdontsee what he's done to woo the girl and you fail to like him at all. We arethen supposed to support him.There are no jokes, it's slow paced and before he takes on the Aussies,youwish it had finished. They then play the Australians and the match, althoshown in highlights, feels like you've sat thru the whole match -twice.Just a poor poor film with nothing going for it but a song by Doves. I'dhappily never watch any scene in this movie ever again - please don'twatchit.

2/10 / 10

Right, Im not going to bore you with the intricacies of this film, astherearen't any, you've got your basic formula for a cheap sportscomedy:

Enter one washed out nobody, who happens to be the don of <insertsport>Said nobody gets big breakthrough, simultaneously falling in love withsomerandom blonde.Said blonde happens to be arch rivals relationblah blah blah

That aside, this film has the staple cheap gags, and the occasional visualgag, but, it never lifts off, sure, it'll make you laugh, but at whatcost!

If your a fan of Johnny Vegas, don't bother seeing this, he is wasted inthis.

Overall, a boring comedy, with cheap laughs and a blonde or two.


2/10 / 10

Maybe I just do not get it, but it seems basically just unfunny, exceptthat Vince Vaughn nearly pulls the whole thing out. When he is on thescreen it is highly watchable. Most of the dialog seems mumbled, exceptthat it is all so predictable that you do not need to hear what isactually said. This working class versus high society sports hascertainly been done much better. Caddy Shack certainly comesimmediately to mind, but so do most sports movies.

I generally like these National Lampoon movies, by the way. Normally nogreat shakes but decently amusing. This one just seems weak, dilute,uninspired--again, except for Vince Vaughn, who comes across as a giantof a comedian compared to the rest of the cast.

2/10 / 10

Run of the mill sports comedy film. You've seen the plot before athousand times, mega talented but unruly sportsman gets a crack at thebig-time and a dull rom-com love interest sub-plot fills the gaps. Thefilm has no build up or background it's just, bang, straight into thestory from the first shot which seemed very odd. The main characterplayed by Paul Kay is arrogant and annoying when, as he is theunderdog, he really he should be endearing, this distroys the wholepoint of the film. But my main gripe is that film simply isn't funny, Ibarely raised a chuckle throughout the entire film. The film is acomplete turkey. Even the brilliant Jonny Vegas couldn't save it.Avoid.