Black Mother (2018)

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  • Khalik Allah, Director:
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9 / 10

Prepare for an interesting collaboration

This is a documentary about a lot of things. More specifically, it's a collaboration of many thoughts and people all jumbled into a single somehow coherent cinematic experience. Overall, it's full of interesting perspectives on the country, its current state, and its people. In Black Mother, you will hear about and sometimes witness a dark Jamaican history, housing, physical violence, health problems, Rastafarianism, relationships, cancerous food and juices, Chinese-Jamaican store owners, socializing the youth, skin tones, birth giving, etc.

I must warn you that anyone who is not used to the styles of Jamaican speech or find themselves unable to adapt to different dialects may not be able to comprehend Black Mother. In the vastness of the people presented, or rather interviewed, there were two who I simply failed to understand.

For the record, 4-6 people walked out of the theater.

1 / 10

Black Mother (2018) tt8099132

Purpose of creation: none.

Amount of sjw stupidity: extreme.

Nobody first 10 minutes spoke a word on Patois or native languages.

Nobody spoke ANYTHING relevant to plot.

First impression: is this gonna be another crybaby movie?

Second Awwwh, daym i don't even know what it is.

Third: What a atrocious style design to make a movie.

This movie should be like Tropa de Elite franchise only in Jamaica, but!

If you watch this more than 10 minutes you'll realize it's nothing like this.

In fact it's nothing like anything - it's a typical boring nonsense

10 / 10

See this Modern Gem of a Movie!

One of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen lately is Black Mother by Mr Allah: it contains everything which is true about the people from Jamaica (and other countries which are less rich/developed, that is, the way they talk, think, speak, pray, make love, ... I mean, everything. It is so lovely to see anyone make a movie like this, for I lived for six years in East Africa and I experienced the same: it is just magic, that's all I can say.