Black Light (2020)

Hye-ran Yeom, Si-eun Kim, Ji-hu Park,
A collision occurs between two cars on a busy road. One man dies, the other goes into a coma. An investigation into the crash concludes that the dead man was at fault. Racked with guilt, the dead man's widow Hee-ju struggles to move
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  • 2021-10-24 Added:
  • Writer:
  • Jong-dae Bae, Director:
  • Young-hwa Moon, Ho-bin Seo, Producer:
4 / 10

Just OK

After one man dies and the other ends up in a coma after a car crash, the women left behind struggle to come to terms with moving forward.

This was a bit boring. I was hoping for a bit more crime and thrill than I got. If you are more interested in the drama aspect, this may be up your alley. It wasn't bad. Just slow, uneventful and heavy drama.