Bigfoot Superstar (\N)

Bigfoot Family is a movie starring Kylian Trouillard, Alexis Victor, and Marie Chevalot. Follow up to Son of Bigfoot: Father uses his new fame to fight against an Alaska oil company but when he disappears the son, the mother, a...
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10 / 10

Really good animated film

This is the first review ive ever posted for a film. I thought Bigfoot Family was really good. Its bustling with really cool animals which the kids will warm to. The story is very good about a mining company fracking in Alaska and Bigfoot and family intervene and try to protect the environment from the damage the mining company is about to cause, with the help of various animals. A really good kids film very current with internet, mobile phones and drones included in the story line. A great film for the kids and a real nice change from Hollywood thank goodness.

1 / 10

How can you watch in US??

Literally not up for purchase or streaming in U.S.?Crazy, you would think they would want the American market a chance to make em some money. My kids loved the first one but this gets one star till this is available over here.

2 / 10

Like many sequels this one is worst.

Like many sequels this one is worst. The movie is exteremly political, while going against fracking can be justified going against God cannot. God should have never entered the dialog.Also, the crossing the border scene makes it very clear the writers hate the USA but love Canada.Adding politics to movies intended for young souls is just wrong. Shame they ruined the movie.

6 / 10

As enjoyable as its predecessor...

Well, if you enjoyed the 2017 animated movie "The Son of Bigfoot", then you will definitely also enjoy the 2020 animated movie "Bigfoot Family". Trust me on that one.

I found the 2020 animated movie to be every bit as entertaining as the 2017 predecessor. And while they were very different in contents, they proved to be equally enjoyable and entertaining.

The storyline in "Bigfoot Family" is more wide-spreading in comparison to the 2017 storyline, and it does tell a story about something that raises a thought or two once the story is finished and the end credits are rolling. "Bigfoot Family" is centered around an environmental awareness-based story, for better or worse. Sure, some might see it as propaganda I suppose, but come on, this is an animated movie meant for entertainment. Sure, it planted a seed or two in my consciousness after having seen the movie, but for me it was hardly propaganda.

The art style used in "Bigfoot Family" is the same as used in "The Son of Bigfoot", so if you enjoyed it back in 2017, you have something to look forward to with this 2020 animated movie.

As an animated movie, having a proper voice cast to deliver the dialogue and bring the characters to life is rather important. And I will say that they definitely had a good ensemble of casted performers to do just that in "Bigfoot Family". I thoroughly enjoyed the raccoon and the bear characters, because they were just hilarious, and actually carried much of the movie for me.

I was genuinely entertained by "Bigfoot Family" and I can warmly recommend that you take the time to sit down and watch it, especially if you have children. It proved to be a fun movie, and my rating of "Bigfoot Family" is a six out of ten stars. While it was good, it was not a contender for being among the best of animated movies to make it out of 2020.

1 / 10