Bigfoot Horror Camp (2017)

Bridgette B., Lexi Belle, Billy Chappell, Frankie Cullen,
Bigfoot Horror Camp is a TV movie starring Bridgette B., Lexi Belle, and Billy Chappell. A Bigfoot terrorizes a nudist colony, not a horror camp. Mostly made up of footage from MONSTER OF THE NUDIST COLONY.
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  • Wallace Olderfield, Writer:
  • Angus Simon, David Zani, Director:
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2Englishsubtitle Bigfoot Horror Camp download
2Englishsubtitle Bigfoot Horror Camp download
7 / 10

skip this and rent a porno

So its a wanna be horror movie with porn star. budget of 350 000 $ must have been to cover the salary of the girls. aside from lexi bell none are really worth it