Bigfoot (2018)

Nathan Gray, Kj Schrock,
A young boy and his dragon attempt to rescue Santa from the plans of a Arvid, a bad bigfoot.
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  • Holly May Opee, Writer:
  • Evan Tramel, Director:
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1 / 10

bad from the trailer

Bad animation, bad lipsync, bad music, bad everything.

1 / 10

OMG what did I just put on???

My 4 yr old begged to watch this movie.... luckily we borrowed it from the library, because if I had paid to watch this, I would be so mad.

This movie is absolutely horrible. The story, the animation, the voice actors, every aspect of it is just bad.

1 / 10

What did I just watch??

This movie is terrible. The animation looks like a child did it, the script is shocking, the actors are so monotone and boring.

My 8yo said it was boring and gave it a thumbs down. My 11yo gives it a zero star rating, and says it's the worst movie ever. These are 2 kids that love movies and this is the first time we've ever turned one off.

Maybe it got better. We couldn't handle more than 15 minutes of it and turned it off. The graphics do not match the movie poster at all! We skipped forward thinking it was a kids play or something we were watching as part of the real movie, but nope. Half way through and still the terrible graphics/animation. Definitely do not recommend this movie and would give it a 0 rating if a could.

1 / 10

It really is as bad as the reviews say

I think a bunch of students in the first year of learning animation coul have done this with ease. Take Santa on his sleigh flying through the skies. For a minute you thing the film has frozen, then you realise the super slow frame by frame of any of the flying sequences is as good as it gets. Honestly it is terrible and I'm not even sure how it even made film distribution.

1 / 10

Avoid at all costs

If you want to avoid the urge to gouge your own eyeballs out with a blunt spoon and chop your own ears off with a butter knife, then avoid this film. The plot is disorganised, the voice over is badly dubbed with voices that a depressive would find tedious and the animation resembles something a failing third year student would submit as their dissertation project.Just save yourself some rope and steer clear!