Bible Town (2017)

Pascale Neuschäfer, Kj Schrock, Sarah Taylor,
Bible Town is a movie starring Pascale Neusch?fer, Kj Schrock, and Sarah Taylor. Three friends travel to a place where all the inhabitants tell inspirational bible stories.
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  • Lisa Baget, Writer:
  • Evan Tramel, Director:
  • Misty Sprinkles, Producer:

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1 / 10

Thoughtful Message, Awful Film..

"Bible Town" is essentially a compilation of Bible stories told through animation and pictures and geared toward young children. The stories are told by Jimmy, Sarah, Tammy, and their friends from Bible Town, who obviously have a passion for God's word. The stories that are told include Jesus's birth, the miracles of Jesus, Noah's ark, the baptism of Jesus, and many more. Making a movie about kids where they can learn about God is a good enough idea however tho this movie is disturbing and creepy thanks to awful animation and horrible voice work.

1 / 10

Shocking film and really quite disturbing

Some things should best be left in written form and in this instance Bible Town should never have made i t to the screen. Some of the worst animation you will; which in this day and age is a feat in itself and the voices just do not gel with the characters.Overall it comes across as though a fringe set people somehow got money from a church and decided to spread the message; with the result being a fail.