Beyond Sixty (2021)

The myth that older women are invisible is shattered in this inspirational, revealing look at remarkable women thriving, leading lives rich in experiences and accomplishments that defy perceptions and reveal what is possible beyond s
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10 / 10

A must see!

It was a splendid experience to learn the stories of these strong, vibrant women all in their later years of life. I was inspired to hear how they all overcame obstacles or found the strength and perseverance to pursue their passions as they developed over the years. The film is enlightening, thought provoking and hopeful. A remarkable achievement for this first time filmmaker, herself an inspiration and model of resiliency, creativity and determination to fulfill one's life dreams. Don't miss this important film!

10 / 10

The Beyond Sixty Project is a revolutionary documentary and a must-see for all!

This highly inspirational documentary film by Melissa Davey follows the lives of ten women who continue to follow their passions well beyond what is considered "retirement age" in the US. Davey seamlessly weaves together the stories of these brilliant, strong, courageous, fun, spirited women, giving us a glimpse into the myriad possibilities we can look forward to in our later years if we create them. We can also see that their attitudes do not comply with society's typical view on the aging process. Davey prompts us to see beyond the cultural obsession with youth and dares us to look at the third act of our lives. The women in this film and Davey herself have proven that women in their 60's and beyond have more than resilience and relevance; they have the wisdom to help guide us in a better direction, at a time when their knowledge and know-how is what we desperately need in this world.

10 / 10

Lives with purpose

Inspirational film that explores the stories of women who are stereotypically past their prime... actively living with clear and individual purpose. Each story was unique and intriguing and, without exception, I found myself wanting to know more about each of them.

Highly recommend this film for all ages... and genders.

10 / 10

A Highly Inspirational Film!

I highly recommend this film. Instead of dreading the aging process, these women dare us to be and do whatever we want for as long as we want! Very powerful.

10 / 10

Sensitive and Timely Film

Not just women will be inspired by this film.

Well crafted documentary highlighting nine older women and their life stories... to date. They are not done yet and give everyone, young and old, a reason to be more than hopeful for what the future has in store for us.