Bei guang zhua zou de ren (2019)

Hai-Qing, Bo Huang, Xiaoran Li, Zhuo Tan, Luodan Wang,
'Gone With The Light' is a 2019 Chinese sci-fi thriller, revolves around a group of people that disappear after a mysterious light falls upon the city, leaving the survivors to try and unravel the mystery.
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8 / 10

Chinese no-to-low special effect scifi studies dramatic psychological impact

The premisse of this movie is similar to that of TV series "The Leftovers". All of a sudden, a blinding light strikes 150 cities around the globe and millions of people disappear into thin air, in front of their friends and families eyes. It soon becomes clear that at least three quarters of them are romantic couples, married or unmarried. Because not all married couples disappear, the rumour arises that only those couples with 'true love' disappeared, or some say, gone to heaven. The movie focuses on three story lines. The married teacher Wu Wenxue (Bo Huang), office worker Li Nan (Luodan Wang) and the debt-collecting small time crook Kuai Zi (Bai-Ke).Teacher Wu thinks, like many people that there must be something wrong with his marriage, because they didn't disappear. He was pretty happy before the incident, but gradually it becomes clear his marriage was loveless.Officeworker Li Nan didn't have any such illusions, she was actually at city hall, waiting for her adultering husband, in order to get a divorce. Criminal Kuai Zi was waiting outside for his partner who was beating up a victim, when the victim disappeared. Starting with the last one, this is the least convincing and interesting story line. The Kuai gets very upset with his gangland buddy for freaking out about the disappearence of his victim under his hands. Anybody would freak out, it's not made clear why this freak out upsets Kuai so much.It gets more interesting when the two romantic story lines are explored. Teacher Wu's marriage suffers, also because the incidence stopped a promotion he was getting. The promotion now goes to a man who's wife is disappeared, out of pity it seems. Wu tries fraud in order to prove that he and his wife also have true love, but she just didn't disappear because she was out of town. But the school quickly sees through his scheming, and his wife is embarrassed in public.The third story line of Li Nan is the most interesting. She and his mistress embark upon a journey to find out which woman he disappeared with. To say more would be spoilering.

Twelve years after 'The man from Earth (2007)', Chinese filmmakers have discovered one can make dramatically interesting 'sci-fi' movies, without any or much special effects. This is a good thing.

7 / 10

Subtly Tragic and Surprisingly Raw

This movie is worth the watch! If you appreciate films with creative plots and a variety of dimensional characters, watch this movie! This movie questions what it is to love, and to be loved, something rarely questioned so literally.