Before the Fire (2018)

Jenna Lyng Adams, Jackson Davis, Ryan Vigilant, Tim Driscoll,
The Great Silence is a movie starring Jenna Lyng Adams, Jackson Davis, and Ryan Vigilant. When a global pandemic forces a TV actress to escape to her rural hometown, an intruder from her past proves as dangerous as the encroaching...
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5 / 10

It's a drama

So at the top of this page are the tags, Action, Sci-Fi and Thriller describing this movie. Nope. There are zero sci-fi elements outside of the pandemic angle, no action unless a gun being fired in a movie automatically turns it into an action film, and thriller, well it's closer to a thriller than it is a sci-fi or action film, but I'd class it as a drama. While the pandemic does play a role in the story it's used mainly as a plot device to get the main character to go back to the small town she grew up in. You see this is a film about a small town girl who fled from the small town with her boyfriend, possibly because of an abusive Father and/or family (it's never really clearly explained why we just know she doesn't like her family), and after leaving became a semi successful actress who because of the pandemic now has to go back to that small town and spend time with her boyfriends family, who she thinks hates her, while also trying to avoid running into her own family. A few people do get shot and there is a foot chase at one point, but do not be mistaken this is a drama not an action film.

The sound and audio are good and the acting is fine, it's a well put together film. The biggest problem for me was the script, the film dragged for long periods where it felt like nothing important was happening, and a lack of character development outside of the main character meant that by the time the 3rd act arrived and things did start happening I didn't understand or know why people were acting the way they were.

I don't recommend this film, I gave it a 5 because it's well made but I wouldn't call it a good movie to watch.

3 / 10

Stupid People Making Stupid Decisions at Every Turn

This could have been excellent. Decent performance by female lead, but like many modern TV shows, the movie is simply all about stupid people making stupid decisions at every turn. These people deserved everything that came their way, as they had the collective intelligence of a baked bean.

And another thing: Fighter jets don't fly low over empty farm land in a pandemic! Waste of gas. Huge chance of crashing. Jets fly high, producers, for many good reasons...

Ultimately, this flick was a waste of a decent premise. It's billed as a sci-fi flick, but it's not.

You have been warned.

5 / 10

Style & Some Substance

As the other reviewer has pointed out, this is more of a drama than a post apocalyptic sci-fi action action film but it has a certain style and captures the pandemic angle using a low budget reasonably well and this has always to be taken into consideration, so there is no CGI and no effects but it does have some merit as the acting, photography and atmosphere is not bad and although the story kinda fizzles out at the end it is bleak , nasty and vicious even though a lot of the story is not explained in detail it deserves a fair and average 5/10.

3 / 10

Life is stranger than fiction

This movie was released just as the pandemic was starting back in March and yesterday was released on VOD.

Also yesterday the rating was around 5,now it's at 3.9 and dropping so that is an indication of the quality of this film.

This is not a suggestion to watch but rather to avoid.Not exactly Post Apocalyptic,more end of the world scenario,with poor acting, bad or nonexistent story.What's worse is that we now know what it's like when a global pandemic hits and how people,governments, WHO etc react. We have that experience now and as life is always stranger than fiction this zero effort scenario is not convincing.

2 / 10

Poor story and unrealistic

Well I guess you could expect this kind of movie during a pandemic and basically i have no problem with that. My biggest problems with this movie are the followingLack of backstory. I had a hard time understanding what was going on and you had to guess quite a lot in the movie. There was also very hard to know the time frame. Had it been 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 years between the cuts.Also because now we know how people react in this kind of pandemic. And they surly don't react as in the movie.

I can not understand how some people here celebrate the acting in this one to be honest. I'm sorry I truly don't think the acting was anything but sad.

Please don't watch this one...please