Before I'm Dead (\N)

Before I'm Dead is a movie starring Denise Boutte, Camille Montgomery, and Stephaun Pender. After experiencing a mass shooting that took his wife's life, Nolan now suffers Agoraphobia. Pummeled by fear, Nolan refuses to leave the...
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  • Jessica Hill, Writer:
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  • J.R. Sawyers, Producer:

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10 / 10

Like a roller coaster in someone's mind!

Before I'm Dead is a movie that plays with the boundaries of time and space to illustrate one man's agoraphobia. But it also has elements of horror and mystery as the plot unravels itself in very original ways. Kudos to the filmmakers who got this done within the confines of this small budget. The best indie Ive seen in a while.

10 / 10

Big ideas explored on a small canvas

Enjoyed this movie very much. Like the main character, I also have agoraphobia. Though his illness is more extreme, I can definitely relate to his anxiety and fears, especially with the pandemic. Combining that concept with sci-fi in which his own apartment becomes scarier than the outside world is brilliant. It's compact tale through one man's mind.

2 / 10

Utter tosh

Boring as hell, guy stuck in an apartment moaning woe is me whilst some apparent wormhole or singularity ripped a hole in his toilet!

This is not Scifi do not let them fool you it is barely a drama.

Incomprehensible mumbo jumbo you can stick it right up your bumbo!