Beavis and Butt-Head Do the Universe (2022)

Mike Judge, Gary Cole, Chris Diamantopoulos, Nat Faxon, David Herman, Brian Huskey, Chi McBride, Tig Notaro, Stephen Root,
After a "creative" judge sentences them to space camp, a black hole sends our adolescent heroes 24 years into the modern future where the duo misuse Iphones, embark on a quest to score, and become targets of the Deep State.
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10 / 10

It like changes the paradigm or something

It's perfect. Was a bit worried seeing CG animation in the intro but the movie is real animation. Biggest surprise is the plot is a bit more elaborate than Do America. All the stupidity you want is still there but it actually has a good thriller plot that isn't always obvious. Judge can still do Butthead's voice 100%, but Beavis is a bit off at times, not enough to really matter. Best Black Sabbath song chosen to feature in it.

10 / 10

Absolutely amazing. So funny

Finally someone's managed to bring back something from my childhood without ruining it .couldn't wait for it to come out and didn't disappoint. Haven't laughed like that in a long while . Only wish there was a more coming.

10 / 10

Damage is cool, yea... fire! Hee hee...

I came for the idiocy, I stayed for the story.

I was expecting a story like B&B Do America - but this is better. I would have been content hearing my favorite two idiots spitting out phrases like cornholio - TP for my bunghole and FIRE for a couple hours... but it actually came with a decent story of political intrigue. As usual the adults have all their own motivations, while B & B note things like - that sign says Johnson - and they remain obsessed with boobs and phallic symbols. I don't know if the humor translates for people that weren't young in the 90's - I'm sure my score got a couple stars for nostalgia. I'll be curious to read what people write that weren't around when B & B were everywhere. (Glad I caught the Mike Judge interview on Rogan.) It makes me want to rewatch Office Space and Idiocracy this week, too.

8 / 10

I laughed all the way through

I watched the last movie right before watching this and the sense of humour is just as it was back in the 90s. In fact I can even say that I laughed way more during this movie than I did in its predecessor.

The story line had some definite similarities to the last movie, but the animation looked different for some reason. Oddly enough Beavis and Butt-head looked the same, but all the other characters looked like they were from a different movie. It didn't look like the class Mike Judge animation, but the laughs were still there regardless.

All in all, if you're a fan of classic B&B you'll love this.

9 / 10

Return to form

While I appreciated the short lived reboot from about a decade ago, this bests it in every way. Great ridiculous story with some classic Beavis and Butthead scenarios. Mike Judge has outdone himself.