Battlefield Earth (2000)

John Travolta, Forest Whitaker, Barry Pepper, Kim Coates,
It's the year 3000 A.D.; the Earth is lost to the alien race of Psychlos. Humanity is enslaved by these gold-thirsty tyrants, whom are unaware that their 'man-animals' are about to ignite the rebellion of a lifetime.
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  • Corey Mandell, J.D. Shapiro, L. Ron Hubbard, Writer:
  • Roger Christian, Director:
  • Jonathan D. Krane, Elie Samaha, Producer:


1/10 / 10

the friend who lent me the DVD warned me, but it beat all myexpectations of lowliness. this film is unspeakably bad. don't go andsee it, take my word for it:

* it has no plot.

* the 'actors' suck huge rocks. really huge.

* travolta doesn't even try.

* the most elaborate dialog revolves around the sentence 'grumblemumble'.

* special effects are the worst ever, because they pretend to beserious.

* costumes and characterization make space: 1999 look excellent

i could go on and on and on, but i'm beginning to feel sick just forhaving to think about it.

2/10 / 10

What a bad film this is. I thought the critics were exaggerating when theysaid how bad it was but they weren`t BATTLEFIELD EARTH is one of the worstfilms released by a major Hollywood studio. It`s badly directed , badly cast( Barry Pepper as Jonnie makes for one of the least impressive screen hero`sever seen . Maybe Travolta should have stuck to his guns and played Jonnie .He perhaps would have been slightly too old for the part but at least hedoes have some charisma unlike Pepper) and has one of the worst scriptsever written. An alien race called Psychlos , sounds just like psychos , Ibet they `re really evil and cruel . Oh they are evil and cruel just likepsychos . Why do they think rats are the favourite food of humans when it`sthe only thing they`ve seen humans eat ? And why do they think " Rat brains" is an insult to humans ? especially when they consider the " man animals "to be a primitive species . And am I alone in finding the term " Man animals" irritating ? Surely it should be " Manimals " ? A far sharper and cleverexpression . But sharp and clever is no way to describe this script . Citiesstand almost intact after a thousand years since the collapse of humancivilisation ! Not only that but so do large amounts of firearms , ammo andHarrier jump jets , and a flight simulator for the jump jets where thehumans learn to fly within a week , and no doubt they`ll learn what petrolis and learn to put it in the jets in order to fly them . Does this soundvery likely to you ? Let me put it this way: Go into a time machine and goback to the biblical times , capture a few dozen people , bring them back tothe present and get them to become fighter pilots within the week. Do youthink they`d be any good flying planes and shooting down enemy forces ? Meneither . Do you think they could overthrow a superior civilisation ? Meneither ? Do you think anyone involved with this film deserves to work again? Me neither

1/10 / 10

I knew this movie was bad, filled with hard to believe nonsense andhorrible'go America go' propaganda; so I had to see it. However this was way beyondmy imagination. After returning the video I honestly asked the clerk thateven when I'm very drunk to stop me from renting this movie ever again.Hopefully he'll remember that.Although the movie starts funny as we can see Travolta and Whitaker argueintheir silly suits about slaves, this quickly turns to boredom. The rest ofthe movie is the standard very bad, short on budget Si-fi that can'tinterest any viewer with an IQ above sea level at all.The horrible thing is that the director hasn't even tried to convince youasthe main character suddenly learns geometry (ok) and teaches it to hisbarbarian mates (huh?) who immediately appreciate the essence of it all(they ate raw meat as they have just learned what fire is). But thensuddenly the standard IQ of these people goes sky-high: They understandatombombs, know how to fly a Mig and work with highly cryptic computerinterfaces. Check out the fact that the main character discovers thenational library and finds a crisp fresh version of the constitutional law(it has been in that very same destroyed library for almost 1000 years anddoesn't show any signs of decay ?)At has been a long time since I cried....

1/10 / 10

This monster flop has an interesting story outline filled with garbage.The aliens have weaknesses that make even the non-rocket scientist inthe audience wonder "how did these guys survive long enough to conqueranyone?" The next question I found myself asking is this, "How longwould certain things (books, computer-dependent machinery, combustionengines) last and still be of any use to anyone?" Too many things yousee in the movie are simply beyond belief. But this is science fictionyou say? Of course. The point is that the basic story could have beentold without any of these ridiculous questions bugging the viewer ifthe people making it had just thought things out for an hour or two. Iunderstand that suspension of belief is a requirement of sci-fi fansbut you have to limit it to just what is necessary to tell the storyyou are trying to tell.

2/10 / 10

This movie should have been a 'Project Redlight'. John Travolta is outof his head and hopelessly devoted to L. Ron Hubbard. That he was ableto con 10 other people into investing $80 million towards the making ofthis movie is the only real impressive angle I can work for thisreview. Perhaps Travolta wanted to work with Tarrantino again andthought the only way that that could happen is if his own career fellinto the tank? Or perhaps he felt it was his duty to make the film inorder to get a better seat in 'Dianetics Heaven'? Let's hope that TomCruise can learn from Barbarino's mistake.

I don't think it will matter too much to point out everything that isbad about this film, but the acting, the dialog, the special effects,the plausibility of the cave people's quick learning development, andof course, the hair extensions will just have to suffice.

I would have given the movie a 1 out 10 rating, but I did laugh at themovie quite a few times and that should be worth something, I think.The version I watched was on the USA network and it was modified forteevee, so I may have missed some key plot elements that were cut fromthe original vision of its director, but then again I may have seensome really good Levitra adds in its place. The end credits whizzed byso quickly that it would appear that no one really wanted to haveanything to do with this movie except Travolta.

'In preparing a judgment of worth,

I proclaim this lame movie to be worst'

Don't forget that 'I told ya'

to blame John Travolta

and L. Ron for Battlefield Earth.

Oh, if it were only a musical. 2/10.

Clark Richards