Bastard (2015)

Rebekah Kennedy, Ellis Greer, Dan Creed, Will Tranfo,
Five strangers - newlywed serial killers, a suicidal, depressed policemen, and two young runaways with a secret - become suspects and potential victims when a masked murderer makes its presence known in an isolated mountain town.
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  • Powell Robinson, Patrick Robert Young, Director:
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8/10 / 10

Gave this film a chance and was pleasantly surprised at how good it is.With a budget of $87,000 it was a lot better than many films with 100times that budget. When you consider the amount of money some Hollywoodfilms cost I bet the makers of Bastard must feel pretty proud ofthemselves. IMDb hasn't listed how much return was made on theexpenditure but I hope they made a profit. I wont go into the detailsfor fear of spoiling it for anybody reading this save to say there areplot twists and jumpy scares but also with an intelligence in thestory. So give it a chance as I did. If you don't like it then at leastits only 80 minutes long and if you do like it then good :-)

7/10 / 10

This movie IS what you want out of a horror film. Personally, I lovediscovering films that could one day be a horror cult classic. This isone of them!

There's twists, scares, gore, sex, comedy and a little bit of irony allrolled into one. As someone who has seen more than my fair of BADhorror movies, I can definitely tell you this is NOT one of them. Iwalked away very satisfied and would even sit through it again withfriends. That's the kind of feeling you should want walk away from amovie with.

The acting is good, really good. The direction was on point. The deathscenes were quick, but in a TCM kind of quick that made them seem alittle more realistic. The characters also aren't all one dimensionalteens that you root for to get killed off.

I just say, give the film a chance. It's not a masterpiece, but itisn't meant to be. It's meant to be fun (think Sleepaway Camp, kind offun) and if your idea of fun is watching a good horror that can pokefun at itself with you, then you have found your afternoon flick!

9/10 / 10

I will make this short and sweet. I usually would go off in a longdiatribe about how much I love or hate a movie but here is my review.The story is about 5 strangers coming together in a remote B&B in themountains and there is a killer aloof. I enjoyed the story. I will nowmove onto the acting which the movie was cast Superbly for a movie ofthis status meaning not to well known. The cast did a great job ofportraying the dire situation that surrounded them. The soundtrack iswhat made the movie though to be quite honest it reminded me of TheGuest and also You're Next meaning it was very retro. I will move alongto the kills and while there weren't many they were done with a nicetouch of finesse. I will say though that the one gripe I had as ahorror fanatic is that the movie was a tad on the short side being onlyone hour and twenty minutes long so when the killing finally starts ithappens way to quickly but outside of that I loved this movie and Iwould definitely recommend watching it. I have seen a lot of the AfterDark Horrorfest Films since they started up in 2006 and this is mostassuredly one of the better films in the collection.

2/10 / 10

It started out alright with the character building. Some of thecharacters were even interesting. I liked the two serial killers themost... Well the male one. The female was irritating and irrationalmost of the time. The suicidal police officer was also irritating andreally not needed. His whole story line was a waste of time or evenfelt like filler. As the movie goes on, it's almost like the writer didnot know how to tell a story or how conversations even really work. Alot of conversations were just strange.

I really do think the movie was going the right direction... Till thekilling in the town started. That's when the movie basically falls offthe cliff into being just straight out poorly done and bad. The writerseemed to have no clue what makes a good movie. They had a good ideaand had no idea how to execute it or where to go with it.

4 / 10

Murder in the isolated mountain town

A creepy cover. One of the best concepts for any low-budget film seen recently in my "low-budget film quest for curiosity sake". An appreciation for the film's genre. Reasons enough to check this out and had real potential to be somewhat of a guilty pleasure.

The good news is that the concept for this is nowhere near as wasted as those for other films seen recently, having seen my fair share of frustrating wastes of good potential with failed execution. Compared to other recent viewings for low-budget films, this is oddly enough, despite the lacklustre rating, one of the better and more watchable ones. Not a great, or even good, film by any stretch. Not a terrible one either, it left me frustrated at how it didn't do enough with what potential it showed but at least it didn't leave me angry.

It starts off well, with a startling, effectively creepy opening that is one of the film's most inventive scenes. There is effort at making some of the characters interesting, parts are creepy and suspenseful in the first part and there are a few brutally inventive kills.

My intelligence at least wasn't insulted anywhere near as much as other recent film viewings, it didn't get excessively stupid and the location was an atmospheric one.

Sadly not matched in the less than slick way it was shot and edited. It is unfortunate that the promising start and what made it so isn't maintained in the rest of the film. The further the film got, the suspense dissipated and the sillier, duller and more predictable it became. Too many of the kills are too ordinary, no matter the over-the-top gratuitous in quality and excessive in quantity gore and violence was.

Things did start to become confusing in the latter stages and not all the characters worked, with not enough done to make one care for them. The male serial killer was interesting, however the female one did irritate and the cop was basically pointless melodrama. There is nothing natural about the dialogue or interactions, insipid stuff awkwardly delivered. The acting is at best lacklustre, while the killer is far too obvious and the ending is so incoherent and what the heck that it brings the film down significantly.

Overall, started off well but goes downhill too early and never recovers. 4/10 Bethany Cox