Barbie in Rock 'N Royals (2015)

Kelly Sheridan, Chiara Zanni, Bethany Brown, Devyn Dalton, Michael Dobson,
Get ready to rock! In this upbeat musical, Barbie stars as Courtney, a princess whose world is turned upside down when she switches places with Erika, a famous rockstar.
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  • Marsha F. Griffin, Writer:
  • Michael Goguen, Karen J. Lloyd, Director:
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7 / 10

Great but needs a little more oomph

Animation was superb and the story was more original than the older Barbie movies, but it needs to create a little more emotional attachment to the main characters so that I can feel a bit more for the characters, more sadness more happiness more everything. All in all, a great movie to watch with your children.

8 / 10

Best Barbie movie in history

If you're not a fan of synthetic Barbie dolls walking around like robots with limited movement, then this will probably be first on your Horrendous Movie List. But if you are a huge fan of pop music and you're a kid, this movie would be totally ideal for you. I have to be honest though, I was criticizing their way to polite movements the whole time. The laughter and hand movement especially seem forced.But the end part is always the best part--the outfit change and combined music, Rock 'n Roaylty. This movie taught me that we should always be open to new things, new opportunities. Sometimes traditions and old habits should be changed, especially in our modern society, changes are always made. Also, I learn that, you shouldn't label people on how they look like on the outside. You never know, that person you just criticized could have been a potential friend if you let her. Rock your own story - Barbie

1 / 10

The movie is cheesy!

The movie is cheesy and I forced myself to watch it. Why can't there be a real villain anymore? Why should everything be too nice and colorful? Why is it always about princess vs pop star? Why does Barbie's face look bad? Go back to the roots!!! Use the old Barbie model too! I want Barbie movies to be like the old ones, classic. Not pop star stuff. It's just so boring. Bring better writers and better composers cuz the music is awful! Why not make Barbie as Snow White? or Barbie as Cinderella? Or Barbie as Sleeping Beauty? Beauty and the beast.......etc?? Make classic games with amazing music and plot. Bring real evil and villains. Don't be lazy with character models!

5 / 10

Predictable but fun.

Yes the plot was predictable (they pretty much revealed everything in the trailer after all) but the animation was beautiful. The fact that everyone's faces weren't the same model but having differences (wider, thinner, shorter faces than the usual heart shape) was a plus to myself and my younger sisters. Especially one of my sisters due to the fact she is rounder in the face and now can see such reflected in the film rather than all the same.

The expressions were amazing as well considering how they aptly changed with practically every word (Finn Oxford is a good example of this) and all the little expressions made it much more enjoyable.

The songs were catchy and there was funny movements, myself and my sisters included found it was a step up from the last movie (Princess Power) and we enjoyed the easter eggs (Lady Anne's office - see you can spot them.)

As an enjoyer of Barbie Movies having watched them all with my younger sisters, this is not our favourite of the Barbie films but it is reasonably high up the list. We found it enjoyable and fun.

10 / 10


This movie is one my favorite new era Barbie films! I looove the storyline, I was invested the whole time & not bored at all. Perfect!