Barbarian Queen (1985)

Lana Clarkson, Katt Shea, Frank Zagarino, Dawn Dunlap,
Barbarian Queen is a movie starring Lana Clarkson, Katt Shea, and Frank Zagarino. The sword-wielding warrior, Amethea, embarks on a life-or-death mission to liberate her sister from the clutches of an evil monarch. However, only...
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8 / 10

For your eyes only

The Barbarian Queen is Queen Amethea (Lana Clarkson), whose village is burned by evil warriors on the day of her prospective wedding, after which most of the people are killed or enslaved. She leads a group of rebels in opposition, including some women (like herself) whose forms fit well into the clothing of the day, and eventually leads an uprising by freeing the slaves. Not for its cultural or intellectual value at all, this film is most noteworthy for the women winning the swordfights with men but not faring so well if they are captured and/or enslaved. Nudity and bondage and fondling yes, but I have to say the most memorable scene occurs when Queen Amethea uses a unique method of escape after she has been captured and tied up in the warrior camp and is being fondled by one of her captors. Clear cut--for those who like this stuff yes, otherwise not much to offer.

6 / 10

If you quite like the idea of half-naked barbarian warrior girls then this might be the film for you

Barbarian Queen is one of the cycle of sword and sandal flicks that were popular in the mid 80's. Back then the formula seemed to incorporate lots of sword fights and lots of semi naked girls. This flick certainly adheres to this principle that's for sure, especially the bit about the naked girls. In fact I guess if you were inclined towards political correctness you could label Barbarian Queen as a film that is a little bit sexist. But I myself am quite partial to salacious genre movies and I lapped this one up quite a bit. The story really isn't too important but suffice to say it features a group of Amazonian type women on a quest to get vengeance on a tribe of incredibly misogynistic men who opened up the movie by raping and murdering their people.

There's lots of sex and violence in this one. And for what it's worth, the breast count appeared to be astronomical as well. It's certainly a movie that delivers on its promise and that is certainly not a bad thing. Lana Clarkson plays the titular heroine with some gusto. She's pretty good in the action scenes as well as the nude ones. Of the latter there is a somewhat erotic scene where she is tied up in a torture chamber. Somewhat notably, she escapes from this seemingly doomed situation by defeating her jailer by way of a rather extreme application of the Cleopatra Grip (I'll let you look that one up!). You have to give a film marks for originality for the likes of this, that's for sure.

Barbarian Queen has a story and action that is by-the-numbers really but it gains points for gratuitous excess. They don't really seem to make them like this anymore and that is a bit of a shame.

7 / 10

Best Drinking Game EVER!

I had a theory about movies. For every two minutes of Bad movie you need one minute of Nudity to make it watchable. This movie puts that theory to the test, and disproves it with a glorious vigor.

I think most every female in this movie was topless for the majority of it. The story is milk toast, but what I found the most absurd is just how bad the acting was. I mean it was Tommy Wiseau bad. In fact the nudity and acting are so bad there's almost a shamelessness about it. As though it's proud of how bad it is. And for that I would actually recommend it for anyone who wants to see a lot of breasts in a low budget Connan rip off.

For those who are feeling daring I offer the barbarian Queen Drinking game. This requires two teams, Team One is team acting and Team two is Team Boobs. For ever poorly acted line of dialog, team Acting takes a drink, For every set of boobs you see, team Boobs takes a drink. Please keep an EMT handy and sober as most likely more than one person will almost die of alcohol poisoning. You've been warned

3 / 10

Awful But Hilarious Cult Classic

Another awful, but hilarious contribution to the Sword & Sorcery genre starring the late Lana Clarkson, Héctor Oliviera's "Barbarian Queen" of 1985, is a film that is absolutely ridiculous in almost any aspect, but that shouldn't be missed by any fan of movies of the "so bad it's good" kind. Most of these cheaply produced and trashy Sword & Sorcery (or should I say Boobs & Sorcery) flicks are awful as hell, but they're hilarious unintentional comedies, and "Barbarian Queen" is the epitome of such a hilarious (semi?) unintentional comedy. I personally can't help it - I love films of that kind, awful as they may be, and I personally always laugh my ass of and have the time of my life watching them.

This little film's thin plot in particular tells the story of 'barbarian queen' Amethea (Lana Clarkson) who, together with a few other busty female warriors, decides to free her tribe from slavery and tyranny after their village has been razed to the ground by a ruthless tyrant. It's often stated that this is set in the times of the Roman empire, but the villains really have nothing Roman about them, I'd say the movie is set in a typical, undefinable Sword'n'Sorcery fantasy time, some of the folks look like medieval knights, others like Barbarians from more ancient times...

The whole movie is quite similar to an earlier Lana Clarkson movie, "Deathstalker" of 1983, In which she played a role that was almost the same as in this one. I personally enjoyed Deathstaker more, since it was gorier and the unintentional comedy factor was at times even higher, but "Barbarian Queen" is definitely also recommended if you're looking for a good laugh. The acting is, unsurprisingly, god-awful, and the settings sometimes make you wonder if the hilarious flaws are really unintentional. Apart from its value as an unintentional comedy, "Barbarian Queen" delivers a good amount of sleaze, and a busty female cast that gets topless every five minutes.

"Barbarian Queen" may be a god-awful film, but people with a sense of humor should have a good time watching it and laughing their asses off.

6 / 10

Diverting trash.

A decent pace, mildly amusing violence, entertaining if not accomplished acting, a rousing score (credited to James Horner and Christopher Young), and abundant female nudity mix in this fantasy action flick. It's really no more than average for the genre, but it does deliver the goods for undemanding fans of sword and sandal schlock.

Set during the days of the Roman Empire, it stars the buxom Lana Clarkson as Amethea, one of just a few survivors when her peaceful village is attacked. The men are killed, and the women likewise dispatched, or taken away to be slaves. Amethea teams up with her friend Estrild (played by future director Katt Shea) and the innocent Taramis (Dawn Dunlap) to take on the depraved bad guys, assisted by an underground rebel movement.

One has to give these filmmakers credit, as they know exactly what kind of movie they're making. The first shot of a womans' breasts occurs no more and no less than 37 seconds into the story, as two creeps aim to have their way with Taramis. Although there's not a great deal of actual story here, "Barbarian Queen" moves along fairly well and clocks in at an acceptable 72 minute run time. Things never get particularly gory, with doses of the red stuff being somewhat limited. The attractive cast all look very nice in their assorted skimpy costumes. The aforementioned score is pleasing, even if the compositions from Horner are lifted - in typical Roger Corman fashion - from the earlier "Battle Beyond the Stars".

Clarkson is an appealing heroine, and Shea does well as her equally strong friend. The studly Frank Zagarino is a decent hero. Armando Capo snarls adequately as our thoroughly evil antagonist, Arrakur. Tony Middleton is fun to watch as the torturer Zohar, in a sequence that's sure to delight viewers.

Filmed on location in Argentina, this can boast some respectable production value.

Six out of 10.