Balkanskiy rubezh (\N)

Milos Bikovic, Anton Pampushnyy, Yuriy Kutsenko,
Balkanskiy rubezh is a movie starring Anton Pampushnyy, Milena Radulovic, and Yuriy Kutsenko. After the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, the Yugoslav army pulls out of Kosovo region, leaving Serbian people at the mercy of the...
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  • 2018-09-07 Added:
  • Ivan Naumov, Writer:
  • Andrey Volgin, Director:
  • Vadim Byrkin, Vasil Sevc, Producer:
8 / 10

Remove Kebab

Good old-school action movie which is also pretty historically accurate.The scene with Orthodox Christian priest and Shqiperi's terrorist leader almost made me cry.This movie will be quite an interesting experience for anyone who used to see NATO as "good guys".

10 / 10

It's not propaganda if it is true...

Actual rating of this movie is probably around 6 stars, but it definitely deserves 10 just for annoying all these Albanians who scream "propaganda" as soon as someone tells a story of their crimes in Kosovo.

Not all events from the movie are historicaly accurate, but the overall depiction of Albanian crimes is very true and disturbing.

10 / 10

Finally a small peace of truth!

I was expected for an action movie and I was very well served. Great acting and story!On top of that, movie is a very emotional and based on a true story!During a war there are atrocities and crimes on both sides for sure but western medias showed one side only. Here you'll have a chance to find a very small part of another side of the puzzle.

A fact will remain a fact - NATO started shelling Yugoslavia without ONU's authorisation and a lot of people try to deny this by just giving 1 star to this master piece. It is much more easier to deny the truth and keep hiding behind the westerns "Disney land" stories about NATO and US.

10 / 10

don't mind the albanians

The movie represents the events unfolding prior to the Nato bombing of yugoslavia. it is an other side of the whole story represented by the western media

10 / 10


Seed but true. Who does not believe, let him visit Kosovo, Especially the Serbian parts to visit they will see.All drugs in Europe come through the shippers, Through the so-called Kosovo state.