Backdraft II (2019)

Joe Anderson, William Baldwin, Donald Sutherland, Alisha Bailey,
Backdraft 2 is a video starring Joe Anderson, William Baldwin, and Donald Sutherland. The sequel to the 1991 hit, follows an investigator with the Chicago F.D., who has to track down an arms dealer who use deadly fires as a...
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5 / 10

Better than a Poke in the eye

Well it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick but just barely. First I want to acknowledge the reviewer who complained about jacking a round in the chamber, I'm with ya bro ticks me off too. I'm not a LEO but I am ex military and a combat vet and if you're carrying a weapon one thing you don't want is to be jacking around jacking a round you better be locked cocked and ready to rock.The original Backdraft was a classic this one is not, it's not painful to watch but you won't leave praising it either.

2 / 10

Marketing 101

I suppose the makers of this movie thought that making such a severe title change from Backdraft 2 to Backdraft II was going to significantly impact the box office.

This sort of thinking describes the entire movie -- horrible.

Overly slow and directed like a TV show, with bad dialog to match.

The acting is monumentally bad.

Donald Sutherland has been popping up in a lot of low budget bad movies lately. Does he really need the money in his old age? He used to be a good actor. Maybe they all go this route and maybe it's better than DeNiro doing Dirty Grandpa.

In any case, the only positive thing I can say about the film is that it looks really crisp in 720p

1 / 10

Worst movie of 2019....(so far)

Just don't!...Seriously your time would be better spent trying out a Vasectomy take home kit.

6 / 10

Not Great But I've Seen Worse

Haven't seen the original 1991 film, but from what I've read this one does not compare well with it. Some of the actors, such as Donald Sutherland and William Baldwin, do return here.

Joe Anderson stars as Sean McCaffrey, the hard-boiled, loner, and dedicated arson investigator, whose father (Kurt Russell) was the lead actor in the 1991 movie. He will be reluctantly partnered with the young Maggie Rening (Alisha Bailey).

Together, they will investigate a blast at a townhouse on Halloween night that killed 5 youngsters. Although the politicians want the case to be closed as an accident, Sean and Maggie will quickly realize that the explosion was meant to happen. Their investigation will lead them to a possible case of nefarious international arms sales.

Look for scientific jargon that will make your head spin, some plot elements that are ridiculous but some good action scenes as well. and some brief but gruesome scenes of charred human bodies. Also, look for a terrific performance by Sutherland, who has a rather small but important role as a deranged and jailed arsonist.

All in all, this is not a great film but, in my opinion, it's watchable and I certainly have seen worse movies.

3 / 10

A super tired retread

Oooooff, ya...I didn't much like the first one, but it was ok. This one is garbage, plot holes, just plain poor writing. Not sure about the acting because I couldn't get past the poor plot.