Back to School (2019)

La grande classe is a movie starring Ludovik, Jér?me Niel, and Nicolas Berno. Eager to flaunt their success in front of old bullies and teenage crushes, two best friends spend a wild night at their middle school reunion.
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5 / 10

Average comedy

It's a ok movie to watch but nothing special. I'd say it's a 1 time watch if your bored.

10 / 10

Amazing in its original French. Totally different movie with English Audio

The English voice actors just do not do this film justice. It turns an amazingly funny and, at times, surprisingly deep movie into another C level Hollywood cash grab.

I highly encourage that this be watched in French with English subtitles.

6 / 10

An Average Pop-Corn Movie

If you're looking for a movie to pass time or have a little laugh, you might enjoy it.

Don't keep your expectations too high since you will have a ton of cliche jokes and basic comedy. Also, let's not forget that the cringe factor is hard on this one and the plot is no master piece, with a ton of plot-holes or unnecessary/predictable plot twists.

TL;DR Watch it, have fun, just don't expect much.

6 / 10

Who's who

Or what, or where, and what did they make of themselves. Something along those lines always plays out at class reunions. In this case you get quite a lot of cliches thrown into the mix and while the viewer is or at least should be well ahead of the characters involved, they still struggle to make decisions. The soundtrack to this is impecable though.

If you like party tracks that is, or music in general I reckon. Having said that, since this is a comedy some will rate this higher and some will not find it funny at all. This is not a masterpiece, but it is a nice pastime movie, if you are into those things (the genre that is) ...

8 / 10

Light stuff

Eager to flaunt their achievements in front of old tyrants and adolescent crushes, two best friends spend a wild night at their middle school gathering. The actors were very expressive a light comedy movie with an unexpected twist in the end. The movie was okay, laughed all the way through it. However a lot could've been improved throughout the storyline to make the plot more engaging