Awake (\N)

Gina Rodriguez,
After a devastating global event wipes out all electronics and eliminated people's ability to sleep, a former soldier may have found a solution with her daughter.
  • 4.9 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • 2019-06-06 Added:
  • Gregory Poirier, Joseph Raso, Writer:
  • Mark Raso, Director:
  • Mark Gordon, Matt Jackson, Josh Clay Phillips, Paul Schiff, Producer:


5 / 10

Average movie, poor ending.

Movie couldn't hold my interest much but I finished it hoping for a good climax, but it ended in disappointment.

4 / 10

Ironically sleep inducing

AHA SLEEP... we meet again. You can't stop me from studying and watching this time.

A new movie dropped on Netflix. A random event happened, and for no reason no one can sleep, except a young kid. Now her mother had to choose to save her or sacrifice her for research.

Let me get the good out of the way. Gina Rodriguez was good in this movie as she played the mother who tried to protect her kid while slowly losing her mind.

It's funny how ironic this movie was: the characters cannot sleep, but the movie itself was putting me to sleep! The beginning when the event started was not bad. However, as the movie went on, it became so slow and boring. It felt like nothing happened in this movie. The director tried for some cool angles and effects, but those didn't help making the story any better.

The premise was actually interesting and unique, but the script went for a generic thriller with nothing special to offer. However, the movie was unintentionally hilarious at a point. One character saw a dropped pine cone and thought it was a grenade.

The last act was a bit chaotic with some violence because people started to lose their marbles. Even though it was slightly entertaining, it could not save this movie.

Overall, an ironically boring and sleep-inducing movie that I will forget. 4/10

Oh wait what did I just watch? Ah, gotta catch some sleep.

8 / 10

A better than average end of the world film

This is one of those films where something terrible happens so everybody goes completely nuts and a single mom has to save her children. I don't understand why in movies whenever something world altering happens, Americans start shooting each other almost immediately, but that's what all of them show, including Awake. Then there are the children, which are always incredibly dumb and put everybody in danger multiple times and only survive because it's in the script. Children are usually less experienced than adults, but they are not all idiots.

However, all that aside, the film was quite good for its genre. It was acted OK, it had a clear and concise story, it only lasted one hour and a half and the main character wasn't an emotional wreck crying and needing to be saved all the time either. Was it a good film in general? Not really, but I've stopped wishing for intelligence and complexity in disaster movies a long time ago.

Bottom line: a very simple premise that needed no special effects or mumbo jumbo, a linear and well produced storyline, decent acting. For this type of movie, it was a lot better than the average.

6 / 10

Entertaining enough

Moderately entertaining, but predictable apocalypse narrative. I haven't seen concept of not being able to sleep in other end of the world films, but this film still follows the same narrative structure. Some interesting directing, and the story builds in intensity, so it is entertaining enough to give it a viewing, however, don't expect to be blown away.

6 / 10

A Smart Idea to Finish Unsatisfying

A decent example of an average sci-fi film about a global event would be Awake, an engaging thriller only to conclude in disappointment. Despite the talented ideas throughout the film, Awake just doesn't leave you satisfied enough to call the film "really enjoyable". But it's still unfair to say that this Netflix flick wasn't good enough.

The film's plot and ideas are both great! The film's bright plans were obviously thought out and, to sci-fi fans especially, the story is sufficiently acceptable. Unfortunately, the film's scheme was exhausted by the time the story started slowing down to an exciting but long-stretched climax. Without providing spoilers, the film ends satisfying, but un-assuring.

What else disintegrates it all? The performances... The acting throughout the film is totally, unexpectedly too strong. The emotions of the characters are portrayed too heavy, causing the rest of the story to fall apart.

Therefore, check out this movie if you're a sci-fi or even a Bird Box fan. Other than the film's design, the acting is too strong and the climax is honestly slow. It's highly not recommended that you advance into the the great-looking story with a high anticipation, because it's likely that the ending will leave you unsatisfied and wanting more information.