Australian Gangster (2021)

Alexander Bertrand, Vita Carbone, Beth Champion, Ishak Issa, Danielle Jackson, Steve Bastoni, Joseph Fala, Julian Maroun, Louisa Mignone, Clayton D. Moss,
A wild tale of ruthless ambition and revenge, set within the Sydney underworld, where gangsters and the Instagram generation collide with Sydney's glamorous social elite.
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2 / 10

Should be called Incompetent Jackass Gangster

Pasquale Barbaro make Tony Montana look like Albert Einstein. Thoroughly ridiculous Ozzy gangster tale that take ineptitude to a new low. Was there actually a script for this piece of trash? Seems like it was made up on the fly with actors pulled out of a local Sydney gym. Watchable only for how not to do a mob film.

1 / 10

The worst australian piece ever

I normally enjoy in aussie shows because they are fresh and quite different from the shows their US cousins make. But this one..omg..I dont thin ive ever seen such a bad acting..directing..everything..Avoid this at all cost lol.

1 / 10

Well that's 4 hours of my life I'll never get back.

I have never left a review on IMDB but I felt like I had to on this occasion so I could warn other viewers... The worst acting! I got second hand embarrassment watching this.

Don't do it.

1 / 10


Went into this hoping to see something along the lines of the underbelly series of period crime drama! By that i mean at least half way decent writing and acting! This is just out and out terrible with not one redeeming quality! Maybe in ten or so years it might get cult status as one of those shows that's so bad its good but i doubt it.

10 / 10

Love it

Miss good gangster films. This one is worthy of a look.