Ashley Jones and the Supreme Complexity of Existence (2019)

Hana Yuka Sano,
Desperate to get her life back to normal after a surprisingly uncommon medical diagnosis, Ashley Jones is forced to examine what "normalcy" really means in a world of mistaken identities, very old, old friends, and poisoned meatballs
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7 / 10

Perfectly Familiar

Ashley Jones is Perfectly Normal is a movie about accepting what makes you different and what others may see as flaws, and flourishing despite all of the obstacles that may arise because of those differences. The tasteful race humor and moments of elegant writing bring a relatability desperately needed for a film such as this to work. Despite stumbling through pacing and formatting at some points, Ashley Jones is Perfectly Normal manages to craft an enjoyable family experience that both entertains and presents an important theme.

10 / 10

A very refreshing comedy

Ashley Jones is Perfectly Normal is a refreshing comedy, full of humor and some reflections on what is a normal life.

Hana Yuka Sano shines in her first leading role. I would recommend to anyone looking for a very entertaining comedy.

10 / 10

Brilliant acting and story line !!!

Ashley Jones Is Perfectly Normal is a very complex storyline touching upon a plethera of Contemporary issues like stereotypes, racism, intolerance, assimilation, intolerance, discrimination and the dangers of not believing in your inner self,There were subtleties like the town's name being "Santa Norma" that Larry's potato winds up being the .............. That was was a very nice touch.

Yuka Sano the female lead was extremely good portraying Ashley Joes. Convincingly portraying the courage of conscience.

I will watch this again as I probably missed something on the 1st viewing.

This a most enjoyable film to watch.

10 / 10

A fun film to watch

This film is relatable as it conveys a deep message about identity and individuality through a quirky story. From the whimsical music to the candid narration, Ashley Jones is Perfectly Normal contains a light hearted energy and a type of comedy that can be enjoyed by most. Having laugh-out-loud moments involving a predictable waiter to Ashley Jones tasking herself with obtaining numbers from party strangers, this movie can classify itself as positively playful. The characters are uniquely comedic as they cleverly represent what conformity looks like in today's society. To include, Ashley Jones is a breath of fresh air as it provides more representation by having a Japanese lead actress.

10 / 10

Far from "Normal"

Life isn't about being perfect. Or normal. Or perfectly normal. Just ask Ashley Jones. After waking up with a bizarre, yet hilarious case of "foreign accent syndrome", our heroine embarks upon a strangely-relatable quest for happiness and self-worth. Everyone is different and thus, everyone has their own version of normal. And that version of normal is what adds color and joy to our lives. It's what makes us valuable in a world that pressures us to bland in and play it safe. Oh, I meant "blend".

Writer Kevin Stock and Director Thomas Bangert present a comedy that will elicit both laughter and contemplation from their audience. And Hana Yuka Sano's performance as Ashley is charming, yet brilliantly complex.

From Ashley's strange "malady" to meeting a 500,000 year old woman, to bantering with the sassy narrator (also voiced by Stock), this film is far from normal. It's different. And that's what makes it so wonderful.