Asbury Park (2020)

Darius Bennett, Shadana Bullock, Bryan Carstarpehen, Dez Cortez Jr., Evan Franklin, Emory Lawrence,
We're in the midst of a revolution. With protests and uprisings taking place all over the world in the name of justice, we find ourselves in a time where the world is finally ready to hear the voice of the inner city. Asbury Park ...
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  • Kennard LaJuan, Director:
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10 / 10

Great Movie

These young King's did a phenomenal job.. Salute????

The Challenges and barriers our inner city youth faces daily let's us know We still have work to do..

Asbury Park gave exactly what it supposed, give. Everyday Struggle, Life choices, exercising your rights while being faced with police brutality...Glad to see these young king's didn't allow their struggles stop them from pressing forward. I definitely encourage teachers use this movie for classroom discussion .. Salute ????

10 / 10

Ernest Moore in ASBURY park

It was a great experience for my first movie and first role I truly enjoyed the hospitality from everyone and hope for more with IYBE MEDIA AND DIRECTOR "LEGEND" IN THE FUTURE ... THANK YOU.

3 / 10

So many cliches

What a poor movie this is, hits and ticks every cliches as if there was a list of typical stereotypes needed to fulfill the movie brief, this has been done so much better over the years and it's a shame as the actors are not terrible just for me the script and the way its delivered.

I feel like the film set out to explain why white privilege is such a problem and at the same time keeping every racial belief at the forefront of the story unfortunately with no real substance, unless it's meant to be aimed at 10 year olds because that's about as deep as the film goes just skims across the surface.