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Varun Dhawan,
Widowed soon after marriage, a young woman grapples with an inability to grieve, quirky relatives, and a startling discovery about her late husband.
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8 / 10

Thank you for this movie!

What a lovely cast! I began with this because they are the soul of the beautifully knit tale. Let's keep the technicalities aside, I want to go gaga over how beautifully so many issues have been raised with such poise without overdoing them (as most of the movies do). It's all so subtle that it just slides along with the main plot. Things as small (but as important) as a different cup given to a Muslim girl for tea or an aged person scolding a young one for things he himself is doing. Just loved all these small things. Brilliantly enacted by everyone, such beautifully written characters. I liked the subplot too but people can differ here as per their own choices. Moreover, that builds for the finale. And yes, I really liked how they ended the movie. But how did our lovely protagonist came to that conclusion? That has been drafted out perfectly. I simply loved how money changed everything in the movie and played a pivotal role in reforming Sandhya as a woman, as an individual, and as the protagonist. I might be a little generous with my rating but it's so good to watch something like this from Bollywood. We need more such movies!

9 / 10

Pagglait is fun & educational. Watch it with your family.

Pagglait is yet another great addition to the series of Hindi movies dissecting the middle class Indian families and their hypocrisy.

It is a Dramedy focusing on a young widow & the extended family surrounding her during the 13 days of mourning after the death of her husband.

Most of the movie is within a house. A house crammed with so called relatives and their "well intentions", their gossip, their superstitions and their regressive mindset. Which is a perfect setup for the kinda dark comedy & chaos that makes you chuckle & uncomfortable at the same time.

This role fits Sanya Malhotra like a glove. She delivers her performance like a breeze. All the supporting star cast members are also terrific with their roles and add to the ensemble brilliantly.

The screenplay effectively balances the contrast between the rituals of death being performed vs the lives that are being lived for those 13 days. It is the mirror that I'm sure most of the Indian society will not want to look into.

The OST of the movie is singer Arijit Singh's debut as a Music Composer, and it stands out melodiously as a fresh album.

Overall I really enjoyed Pagglait a lot and agreed heavily with everything it had to say.

10 / 10


Do give it a watch, not a typical balaji movie. Unfolding alot of issues we ignore day to day.

10 / 10

Lovely movie

Beautiful story of the emancipation of women that encourages women to love themselves first and not get disappointed when they are not loved by those around them.

9 / 10

Poignant is the word

Must watch. A topic way out of mainstream with such subtle nuisances. Beautiful.