Apt. (2006)

So-Young Ko, Seong-jin Kang, Hie-jin Jang, Ha-seon Park, Yûko Fueki, Dong-wook Kim,
Se-jin, a young woman who lives in an old apartment in a Seoul suburb, amuses herself by observing the windows of the apartments on the other side. One day, she notices that the lights of some of these apartments are turned off at th
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  • Pool Kang, Soyoung Lee, Writer:
  • Byeong-ki Ahn, Director:
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8 / 10

Very enjoyable,but highly derivative South Korean horror.

Se-jin Oh(So-young Ko),a lonely,single career woman who hasn't much of a social life.One day,while walking home from work Se-jin encounters a creepy woman in red who throws herself in front of an oncoming train? while trying to drag Se-jin along with her.She survives,but the ghost of the woman come back to haunt her.It seems that people are dying in the apartment complex across from Se-jin's,all of the deaths coming precisely at 9:56 p.m.Admittedly "9:56" is highly derivative.It borrows heavily from "Ringu","A Tale of Two Sisters" and "Phone" and references Hitchcockian "Rear Window" many times.Fortunately the underlying theme of the film is surprisingly dark as it revolves around the physical and emotional abuse of beautiful crippled girl(Hie-jin Jang).The film is impressive to look at and offers a few genuine scares.Oh,and Korean actresses are jaw-droppingly gorgeous.I'd love to visit South Korea one day.;)

8 / 10

Nice Korean Horror movie!

Good Korean horror movie. Good direction and photography, actors are great and the ladies are cute! I don't particularly think it resembles other Asian movies but at the end of the day aren't nearly all American horror movies the bloody same thing with all their Nightmares and Fridays and Hallowens or Vampires/Warewolfs? I could go on for hours you all know that! At least Korean movies are something different and may get you to understand some other country's culture! I think this is worth watching if you like eastern cinema: Asian horror movies are better than their American re-makes! The story is nothing like other films I've seen before, and for sure nothing like "The Ring". It's not the greatest horror movie ever but I support it and if you want to spend a non boring couple of hours then please yourself! Big up South Korean cinema!

6 / 10

Creepy and scary! Only the ending is a bit forced!

Why this movie is being compared to "Ringu" is a mystery to me! The only element that can be compared is the woman with the long black hair that walks funny. Personally I think this movie is much more like "Ju-On: the Grudge". Does this mean that "APT" is not worth your time? Well, that depends. If you like these kind of horror movies than I would recommend this one. If you can't stand to see these long haired Asian chicks than you should not bother to see this movie. I think that "APT" does a good job in creating a creepy atmosphere and sometimes even scare you. The first 70 minutes are quite thrilling. Even the back story is compelling and touching. Only the last twenty minutes were predictable and a major letdown. Also it never gets clear what the connection is between the main character and the woman from the subway. (Although I know why they put it in. It is used as motivation to get the main character interested in the suicides happening in the apartment building across her own.) It is a real shame that they did not follow up on this part of the story since it's buildup was as scary as the main mystery. It could have provided more depth and it's solution could have made a much better ending. Some reviewers complain that this movie isn't original enough. And to some degree I can agree on that. But to be honest there aren't many horror movies out there that are truly original. Most themes are used over and over again. I think that as long as the movie is entertaining and scary enough, being original should not be an issue. "APT" is pretty creepy and scary and will entertain you as long as you can ignore the forced ending!

8 / 10

A Horror Treat!

Even though the theme is same as most other Asian horror movies since "The Ring", this film keeps the adrenaline up! I watched this movie with a bunch of pals during the midnight through early morning and I must say, judging by my reaction and that of my buddies that this one was a one heck of a freaky experience.

Great cinematography & sound effects. The first half was a nail biting experience but then the last twenty minutes or so is sad and horrific/tragic. Though one kind of tends to guess the movie right as it progresses, it still is a very good flick because of the its technical aspects. About the woman in red well I think her character is open for discussion probably the director wanted us to have some food for thought. I personally think her suicide instigates the protagonist to find the reason behind the other suicides(so that she could stop them from dying).

Well perceptions vary and I really liked this movie!

5 / 10

Full with routines that this genre be familiar with.

Ahn Byeong-ki, the person who's brought us Nightmare, Phone and Bunshinsaba, is back in 2006 with A.P.T. Based on a comic by Gangfull, Mr. Ahn's A.P.T. is still rely on his previous effort and trick.

Sejin (Ko So-young) is a new tenant in an old apartment in a Seoul suburb. She befriend with a wheel-chair bound girl, Yu-yeon (Jang Hee-jin), an orphan who's take care by neighborhood volunteers. Sejin has a unique hobby, observing the apartment units on the other side. One day, she notice something, these apartments are turn off their light at the very same time, exactly on 9:56 PM. Next thing happen is someone is found dead. This thing keeps happening and Sejin start to suspect something weird is occurring. And then she' decide to start an investigation.

It seems Mr. Ahn still believe with the power of the long-haired-ghost, while nowadays it's kind of tired. We need a breath of new tale into the horror genre, especially the Asian Horror. But by watching this movie, I think Mr. Ahn is not that kind of innovative person. The movie is also full with routines that this genre be familiar with. Nothing new here. The good point is A.P.T. is more enjoyable than Bunshinsaba or even Phone. But due the release time, it's not appealing anymore.

It says that Ko So-young is a 4 year absent before return to movie scene with A.P.T. Alas, she more like a clone of Ha Ji-won (Nightmare, Phone) rather than a solid performance, while the débutant Jang Hee-jin, who's stunningly beautiful, is also act well.

So if you still fond by this kind of movie, A.P.T. could still amuse. But if you need something new or different, you better skip this.