Another You (1991)

Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, Mercedes Ruehl, Stephen Lang,
George has been in a mental hospital for three years and is finally ready to go out into the real world again. Eddie Dash, a dedicated con man, is supposed to keep him out of trouble, but when people begin to recognize George as the...
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6/10 / 10

Seeing that this movie only received an average vote of 4.3, I felt that Ihad to set the record straight; it deserves at least a 6. True, the plotisn't the best, but the lines are superb. Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder (agreat double team) really work wonders together. So please, do yourself afavour and go rent this movie, it's worth it.

8/10 / 10

i liked another you since i was in the second grade and i laughed my assoffall the time when i saw this film. Wilder and Pyror are a hit again inthisfilm about a scam artist(pyror) that takes in a con artist(wilder) andthesetwo start trouble. Anywho, i know not many people and critics agree withthis film, but i have liked it.

8/10 / 10

I found this movie to be incredibly funny, and I really don't thinkit's been getting a fair shake by voters out there. If you enjoyedSilver Streak, Stir Crazy, or See No Evil, Hear No Evil you willdefinitely enjoy this flick.

Richard Pryor gives a wonderful performance as a con man, and nobodyplays crazy better than Gene Wilder! Like all of their movies, Pryorand Wilder have amazing chemistry together. This movie was a laugh aminute!

This was Pryor's last movie with Wilder. It's a sad sight to see Pryorso far along with MS as he is in this movie, his movements aresometimes stiff and forced, and I don't think he raises his arms aboveshoulder height once :(

8/10 / 10

Another You is considered the last of both worlds in terms of RichardPryor and Gene Wilder. Pryor appeared in a few movies as a cameo afterthis, but not many and Wilder just quit after this and started doingfew TV films, but never did another theatrical film after this. RichardPryor and Gene Wilder were accused of not giving it their all in thisfilm. Pryor can be excused because of his illness during this which isnoticeable. I really cant see how neither actor was good because theyseemed to be enjoying themselves and having a blast.

Another You revolves around a man named Eddie Dash (Pryor) who is sentto take care of a mental patient named George who is mistaken for a mannamed Abe Fielding. Encouraged to play along by Eddie, George is now inthe mix of a bookie and his "wife" who thought he was dead nowbelieving he is "Abe Fielding". Eddie keeps encouraging George to layalong so he can get money and take expensive items from their house.

Pryor and Wilder play a hilarious duo who both cant be denied as one ofthe best comedy duos of 1980s. They worked on four movies together(Silver Streak, Stir Crazy, See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and AnotherYou). Its a shock that they, like many duos most notably McManhon andCarso, did not get along. Wilder wrote in a book that Pryor was a bigpain on set of Stir Crazy demanding nice treatment and even claimingracism for one thing. Its a surprise because their chemistry on camerais rare to find in a duo in Comedy.

I will watch Stir Crazy and Silver Streak soon, but it saddens me thatboth ended on a bad note. This was a flop and it really wasn't a badfilm. Many critics hate this movie which isn't a surprise. Though thisfilm is loaded with slapstick and has some cute one-liners, its amusingand the chemistry like stated it great. This wasn't as funny as See NoEvil, Hear No Evil since its hard to beat that, but its still amusing.So to conclude this, Another You is another Comedy you should checkout. Plus both Stephen Lang and Vanessa Williams give a goodperformance.

Starring: Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, Mercedes Ruehl, Stephen Lang, andVanessa Williams. Directed by: Maurice Phillips.

6/10 / 10

This being the last of the Pryor/Wilder Partnership, was a commercialand critical failure, However that said, it was always going be toughas Pryor's multiple sclerosis illness had become more serious and isvery evident in the film. His usual fast and erratic luney behaviour isreduced to a very frail skinny man who is obviously in pain and tryingvery hard just to walk.This would of also have reduced the creativeinput that Pryor contributed to his films. All this aside, Wilder isactually very funny in the movie, his timing is excellent(especiallythe restaurant scene) and he carries the film well. Pryor is stillfunny at times but understandably has more of a supporting role.

A fan of the Pryor Wilder films should still definitely see this, thereare many laughs,with some funny impersonation scenes with KevinPollack, but its one for people with a love for their comedypartnership. As a film on its own to an outsider it will more thanlikely disappoint.

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