Anita (2021)

Louise Wong, Louis Koo, Fish Liew, Ka Tung Lam,
Traces the life of Anita Mui, Hong Kong's legendary Cantopop star.
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  • Wai Lun Ng, Writer:
  • Lok Man Leung, Director:
  • Wan-Ming Ho, William Kong, Wai-But Tang, Producer:


7 / 10


Living in Hong Kong during it's golden years of cinema, music and live concerts this movie brought back very fond memories. I knew Leslie (GorGor), Anita (Big Sister) and her stylist dress designer Eddie Lau. The production was seamless especially the scenes that blend footage from the past with the present. Louise Wong's portrayal of Anita Mui is brilliant and not much is known about her. The production values are first rate, the direction perfect and storyline honest. Anita did a lot more charity work than what was "allowed" in the movie. Now that Hong Kong is China with a hardline security law it could not be shown.

8 / 10

An emotional journey

To see from the very beginning, as Anita started off as a little girl singing with her sister, as she blossomed into so much more, going through much of life's hardship, it really is very touching. Though I have not heard of her before watching this film (as someone born from the 2000s), it really did inspire me to read up more on this iconic figure. With clippings of the original Anita interwoven throughout the film, it makes the film seem all the more real, all the more raw, as you see actual footage of the events that had occurred, hardships she had to endure. It was just stunning. Furthermore, despite the fact that many of the actresses and actors are acting for the first time, it really did not look that way. While it was not superb by any means, it was on point and not lackluster. Overall, it is a great film based on a true story, bringing a fallen angel back to the spotlight.

8 / 10

Full record of the life of Anita Mui

Out of respect to Anita Mui, I watch the movie. It has not let me down. The casting is excellent. The costume and setting is good. It brings along the memory of the good old days when Anita and Leslie are alive.

I wonder if any producer would make a film on Leslie Cheung? I would be the first to watch it.

8 / 10


The film brilliantly recreates the golden years of Hong Kong, the hustling and bustling, the acceptance and the melting pot that I grew up in. The screenplay feels just right, every period of Anita's life felt important in the film to ultimately shape who she became, even though some aspects felt the need to further expand. But to nitpick, Louise Wong's portrayal of Anita, while uncanny, fails to capture the most vital aspect of Anita, which was the aura, which can be especially felt when footages of the past were flashed throughout the film. But the voice is brilliantly brought back to life.

I'm sure things were not shown, people were not included due to changing times, but that's just life, at least in the case of Anita, it was preserved.

10 / 10

A Beautiful Piece of Artwork

As someone who grew up listening to Anita Mui's music, this movie was nostalgia and equally as captivating. Beautifully shot, with amazing CGI work done to bring back some of the old Hong Kong infrastructure, the director of this movie really knew the true essence of Hong Kong back in the 80's and 90's. I loved how it focused on the more positive side of her life (without much family drama) because that's how we want to remember Anita by. It was amazing to see her story being told as I believe that this movie will give more exposure to people in my generation these days, and to see how Anita Mui was one of Hong Kong's greatest artists that pioneered the Cantopop genre. I had an amazing experience watching this movie and it's definitely one of the better biopics created in a long time.