Ana (\N)

Li Gong,
Rescued as a child by the legendary assassin Moody, Anna is the world's most skilled contract killer. However, when Moody is brutally killed, she vows revenge for the man who taught her everything she knows.
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  • Richard Wenk, Writer:
  • Martin Campbell, Director:
  • Arthur M. Sarkissian, Bruno Wu, Producer:


6 / 10

Maggie And Keaton Steal The Show

While the Protege is a somewhat forgettable, typical action thriller movie, it's two leads do a great job. Maggie and Michael are both very charismatic in the movie, and do not phone in their performances. Samuel L Jackson is also good, but his performance is a little more phoned in than our other leads. The action is very good, with realistic hand to hand combat and decent gun play. While it's not the best action in a movie, it's definitely choreographed well and shot competently. I would mainly recommend this movie for Maggie and Michaels performances alone, along with the action scenes. However, if you're not interested in that you can probably skip this movie and not miss anything.

8 / 10

I love Michael Keaton.

I love Michael Keaton. That's the review.

But since I'm supposed to write a longer review...I'll say that I also enjoy this genre of [email protected] women who play assassins.

4 / 10

Littered with plot inconsistencies

Fun enough for a John Wick style movie, with some really good acting by the main characters. Sadly it couldn't make up for a nonsensical plot that forces the characters into illogical decisions. It also relied heavily on Hollywood's inability to figure out how many bullets a weapon can hold (in one scene a guy literally fires at least 50 rounds from a handgun with no reload.) Bottom line watch it when it streams for free.

9 / 10

For a unknown really movie this was incredible

Okay so I'll say for the most part I only saw a couple of trailers for this movie but lemme tell you right now don't let that stop you from going to see it this is an incredible film.that is worth every single pennie of admission so much fun at the boxoffice usually when something is this fun it's heavily advertised but this is definitely not one to miss and it's One of the best action pictures of the year.if not the best action picture.

5 / 10

the story is unoriginal, the conversations lack wit, and the characters are flat

The Protégé attempts to make a played out genre its own by adding awkward banter and misfired quips. The action, while fair, is the clear focus of this production because the plot is clunky and uninteresting. This is exacerbated by Maggie Q's bland acting. She tries to achieve the assured demeanor that the script is hoping for but she comes across wooden and forced. This isn't solely her fault since the dialogue wishes it was much cooler than it actually is. But Maggie does not elevate the role in any meaningful way.

From a technical perspective, The Protégé is decent enough. The action is the film's redeeming quality because the shot choices, choreography, and special effects are all adequate. Once, the music even enhances a fight scene to highlight juxtaposing emotions at hand. Yet, this is outweighed by the contrived and cringe writing. In almost every way, the script fails the audience because the story is unoriginal, the conversations lack wit, and the characters are flat. Often, The Protégé outright tells us how to feel instead of giving us real reasons to care, leaving viewers to groan at a marginally subpar piece of work.

Writing: 2/10Direction: 4/10Cinematography: 5/10Acting: 4/10Editing: 5/10Sound: 6/10Score/Soundtrack: 6/10Production Design: 4/10Casting: 5/10Effects: 6/10

Overall Score: 4.7/10.