An American Love Story (2020)

A blue collar worker tries to rescue his pregnant, heroin-addicted girlfriend from the notorious streets of Camden, NJ and her close-knit group of drug users. Once their son is born, he forces her to choose between her life with her
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  • Hasan Oswald, Director:
  • Derek Rubin, Alexander Spiess, Producer:
10 / 10

Grim, close-up, gut-wrenching

Unparalleled access to a story that that too many of us know personally - friends/family trapped in a drug epidemic that destroys love and lives indiscriminately.... The only cliche I can think of to help describe the feelings I was left basking in after watching Higher Love is "Hope is the last to die"

10 / 10

Compelling and Heartbreaking, A Must See Feature.

Having had the chance to see this film, I have not only learned so much more about the epidemic of the effects of drug addiction, but found that the compelling and heartbreaking story is all true. The film work, and the stories being told in this film, shoots it right to the top. If you see one movie this year, this is the one, because not only will you feel all of the feelings, but you will learn so much along the way.

10 / 10

A compelling, heartbreaking must watch!

Higher Love tells the larger story of the opioid epidemic ravaging the US through the micro lens of the individual lives touched by this scourge. At once heartbreaking, it's also a tale of hope.

10 / 10

An absolute must watch.

All I need to say is, if you have ever known someone and felt, "why would they do this?" You must watch this movie. Must just just watch.

10 / 10

A gripping and emotionally intuitive must see!

An incredibly powerful feature debut from Oswald. Higher Love, in its observational and unflinching style confronts viewers with the stark realities of Camden's opioid epidemic through voices of individuals/communities that are never genuinely expressed. A lens with little filter that proves gripping, infuriating and heartbreaking, while being patient, emotionally intuitive and without judgement from beginning to end. A must see doc!