Amityville Dollhouse (1996)

Robin Thomas, Starr Andreeff, Allen Cutler, Rachel Duncan,
Amityville: Dollhouse is a video starring Robin Thomas, Starr Andreeff, and Allen Cutler. A children's doll house, which is a miniature of the infamous haunted Long Island house, is given to a young girl where the demonic evil soon...
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  • Joshua Michael Stern, Writer:
  • Steve White, Director:
  • Zane W. Levitt, Mark Yellen, Producer:
7 / 10

Not A Great Sequel, But Not Too Bad Either

Needing a present for his daughter's birthday, a father finds an old dusty doll house and decides to clean it up to make it presentable. What he doesn't realize, this doll house isn't for innocent little playthings, this house holds evil spirits inside! Unknowingly, the little girl releases the evil inside and the spirits are free to wreck havoc.

A pretty good sequel that contains some good, eerie and creepy moments throughout. Out of all the sequels the original 'Amityville Horror' has spawned, this is one of the better ones. This is an entertaining film with a good concept. So sit back and enjoy.

5 / 10

"It's the welcome mat to hell".

My interest was starting to fade with the Amityville franchise, especially after "Curse'? but I wanted to see all the films and "Dollhouse" is probably the best sequel since "The Evil Escapes". Somewhat minor in that regards, but still better. Again it's another cheaply produced TV movie, but this time the cursed object happens to be a replica dollhouse of the Amityville house. Odd choice, but it did create certain creepiness. It affects the household in the usual manner, especially possessing the family and turning them against each other while feeding on the fear and anger it creates. Nothing really surprises here, as again it's a mixture of the previous films with its own slant. However it moves by fast enough, entertains with its twisted shocks, an eerie score effortlessly fits in and the characters for most part are fairly agreeable. Some of the make-up FX (that of our demonic guests) and special effects are well done, especially when the dollhouse becomes the gateway to hell. It gets crazy, but fairly entertaining. The cast give dependable turns with the likes of Robin Thomas, Rachel Duncan and Starr Andreeff. Neat, cosy horror that amuses despite its lack of new tricks.

5 / 10

The Damned House

Bill Martin (Robin Thomas) builds a house to raise a new family of his own with his teenage son Todd (Allen Cutler), his daughter Jessica "Jessie" Martin (Rachel Duncan), and Claire Martin (Starr Adreeff) and her nerd son Jimmy (Jarrett Lennon), an outcast boy that misses his father (Clayton Murray) and has the mouse Max as his only friend. Todd has a girlfriend, Dana (Lisa Robin Kelly), who is frequently with him.

Bill finds a doll house in the garage that is a replica of the infamous Amityville haunted house and he gives it to Jessie on her birthday. Soon the family experiences evil accidents and Bill's sister Marla (Lenore Kasdorf) and her husband Tobias (Franc Ross) discover that the doll house is possessed by demons that are threatening their lives.

"Amityville: Dollhouse" is another story of the franchise "Amityville" with a reasonable plot and terrible conclusion. I saw this movie for the first time on 15 Dec 1999 on VHS and today I have just seen it again. It is unacceptable that Tobias sacrifices his life to save the Martin family and Bill and Claire end the movie laughing, after losing their friend and all possessions in the fire. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "A Casa Maldita" ("The Damned House")

7 / 10

Just because it's cheap, doesn't mean it's not entertaining.

A perfect late-night sci-fi channel movie, and far more entertaining (for me) than the original Amityville.

The way the dollhouse creates different demons for each character, and the cheap but effective sfx, reminded me very much of the Creepshow or Graveyard Shift movies. Also, the 'fright' scenes skip along at a respectable pace and frequency, as opposed to other films which often plod through the middle.

Sure, the script contains some appalling lines and characterisation, and there are a few moments where more highly strung viewers would be screaming at the stupidity of the characters. I just smile.

With 15-20 years of further advances in sfx, and the cultural tendency of under 30's to confuse sarcasm with valid criticism, I can see why this film has such a low score on the IMDB. Individually, the elements don't stand up to a whole lot of scrutiny, but taken as a whole on its own merits (compared to similar films of the same period), I really enjoyed it. A few better lines, and better known actors, and there's no reason why people wouldn't look on this with the same sort of affection reserved for Poltergeist.

Don't miss if it's on TV.

8 / 10

The second best sequel of the series. (they saved one of the best for last)

This family have just moved into a normal house,

this family has a Mother named Claire who as one son called Jimmy , Claire is Married to Bill who has a daughter Jessica and she as a older brother Todd but Jimmy (who is very annoying) dose not seem to like his step family, however the other do like his step-mum.

When Bill goes to the shed, he finds the doll house, that is the Amityville House.

Soom strange thinks start to happen in the house, the haunted doll house break the daughter bike, that they were going to give her for her Birthday , so they end up giving the doll house instead but she soon finds out that the doll house is evil.

Jimmy is also affected by the evil force, as they got his dad back from the dead to see him, at first his happy to see his dead dad, that look like a Zombie but soon starts to get scared of him as he think he dead dad is going kill his step dad.

My favourite scene is this movie as to be, when Jimmy Mouse goes to Jessica room and enter the doll house. As the mouse goes in the doll house, goes under the bed in in the doll house, that when Jessica bed starts shake and she see an enormous white mouse appears under her bed.

I really liked that scenes it was really well made, I enjoyed that scene and the whole movie, it was very entertaining from start to the end and it was not boring or predictable like previous movies at all.

I liked the way the the movie ended and the acting was great in this movie.

I am going to give this movie 8 out of 10