American Thief (\N)

Xisco Maximo Monroe, Khadim Diop, Ben Becher, Josefina Scaro,
American Thief is a movie starring Xisko Maximo Monroe, Khadim Diop, and Ben Becher. A teen hacker seeking revenge for his father's murder becomes a pawn in a plot to derail the 2016 presidential elections.
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  • Michel Stolnicki, Missy Hernandez, Writer:
  • Miguel Silveira, Director:
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3 / 10

a film that..

Will fry your hands of if your talking head aint finetuned, but let me try.

i dont know what to call a film like this, its not found footage, its not documentary, its apiece of drama, and a little bit of crime yes, but the real theft is so overturned by the pain and agony and protest in the other than white communities in america, that the hacking business is there for everyone to try, because what young adults of today have plenty of is ''bore-time'' and the dependency of social media as a meeting point, and switches what us old people call a getogether at the cafe or hanging and soscialising, have been overtaken by photoes and the written letter on digital devices... so for young people today trying to get under your skin with hacking methods is more the trend rather than a crime. of course there are criminal elements trying to strip your life body and data for the sake of money, so how malign is really this business??? i do think john and jean doe phishing on social media channels like twitter , facebook and instagram comes under the same umbrella called hackerism, especially when sharing photoes and text to others i think that comes under the hackerbusiness too. and who hasnt got a body selfie these days, even greatgrandmas imaging her latest tatoo isnt unusual so its a sickness of modern digital society and isolation socially, and may the best brains run humanity into ragnarokk, its like slapping yourself thanks to digitizing our world.... so lets all do u.s postal and all other postal institutions in the world by sending a written letter to your neighbour, its like clenching to the last straw now.

but what is this film really, its a fictiomentary and a dullded drama moulded into factual dates and happenings, though with a scream that lifes matters, anywhere and anyhow, hackers or not. so lets call it a neoneospydramapoliticathriller.

well i , the grumpy old man, admit that this was a dull and made on wish that i had more money to make better films, so let them be striving,it can only be better than this. a 3 and a no recommend

10 / 10

A true and truly original and independent American original

AMERICAN THIEF is a real discovery. This wildly original, truly thrilling film has the immediacy, daring and perspective of only the best cinematic triumphs of recent years-yet it's a true American Indie, shot because it HAD to be. Though it is entirely modest and unpretentious, it is also vital and thrilling. AMERICAN THIEF leads up to an astonishing climax on Election evening 2016. In it you will find both documentary and fiction, the past and the future. It does not wrap itself up in a tight little ball so you can never think of it again-even now that that election night, when it was set and shot is PERHAPS mercifully fading from our lives. Maybe ESPECIALLY so.

3 / 10

Unlike the mail this one never delivers!

There's an hour and a half that I'll never get back!