Almost Heroes (1998)

Chris Farley, Matthew Perry, Bokeem Woodbine, Barry Del Sherman,
A road comedy about 2 guys whose mission is to beat Lewis and Clark.
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  • Mark Nutter, Thomas R. Wolfe, Boyd Hale, Writer:
  • Christopher Guest, Director:
  • Denise Di Novi, Producer:


/ 10

Almost Heroes is a deliberately idiotic movie, and much of its

humor relies on the audience being aware of this. If you don't buy

that the movie is SUPPOSED to be ridiculous and nonsensical,

then you're not going to like it. Otherwise, it is a great Chris

Farley/Christopher Guest vehicle with abundant laughs, often at

the absurd crudity of its humor. There are scenes and dialogue

that come off as cheap attempts at lowbrow humor, when in fact

the real punchline is that you, the viewer, even acknowleged the

humor when it is so utterly tasteless. I, for one, laughed my @$$

off and got overdue fees at my video store because I couldn't stop

watching it.

/ 10

I'm from Montana and had to study Lewis and Clark. Almost Heroes isgreat it makes fun of all the details from their journey. Down toSacajawea and the waterfall passage. My favorite quote is at the startof the movie when Hunt says "If you wanted a tracker why didn't youchoose William Clark?" and Edwards responds "Don't you think I triedthat." If anyone likes Chris Farley they will enjoy this film. Somepeople says his comedy wasn't a physical as before. Did those peoplewatch this movie. How about the eagle scene or at the party. Or howabout the bar scene or the dentist. At the start of the movie his isdragged on stage to be hung. Some people on this board probably don'tlike Chris Farley. Or maybe they don't like Matthew Perry. That howevershouldn't mean they should hate every movie with them.


7/10 / 10

I love this movie. I love movies with stupid humor in them, and thismovie just cracks me up. How can you not laugh? Chris Farley's one ofthe greats. Him, Matthew Perry and especially the rest of the cast keepyou laughing from beginning to end. It's hard for me to pick a favoritecharacter. I really like Bidwell, his misadventures had me rolling onthe floor in laughter, but the comedic genius of Farley had me goingtoo. One of my most favorite parts had to be when they bring the boatashore and meet the Native Americans, and they think the really tallone's the Chief, but it turns out he's not, his real name's Bent Twigand he's really mentally retarded. I laughed for almost 5 minutesstraight on that part. This movie's definitely in my top 10.

/ 10

I know that a lot of people hated this movie, but I'm commenting in defenseof it. This movie may not have been Chris Farley's nor Matthew Perry's bestwork, but it is funny. I laughed a few times when I watched it the firsttime, in fact overall I like the darn movie, even though it's not as goodasFarley's other funny works like "Tommy Boy", and "BlackSheep".

Please give this movie a chance. You might like it.

8/10 / 10

This one is deliciously high concept--What if famed explorers Louis andClark were plagued with a band of ridiculous, incompetent, bumblingignoramus rivals?

Leslie Edwards (Matthew Perry) is the organizer of the alternateexpedition, and seems the brightest of the bunch. At least until yourealize that he thinks good choices for his team include BartholomewHunt (Chris Farley) as their wilderness-hardened guide with experienceand Guy Fontenot (Eugene Levy) as the team's translator. Hunt isbasically Farley playing himself, which is both hilariously funny andprofoundly tragic at the same time, and Fontenot makes it clear that hedoesn't know much about other languages. At first we give Edwards kudosfor deselecting him, but when Fontenot lets it be known that he'll onlyjoin the expedition if his hot Indian woman (she's not a spouse orgirlfriend to him, but property), Shaquinna (Lisa Barbuscia), can alsocome along, Edwards figures that they probably won't need atranslator's services that badly anyway, so brings him on the journey.

Levy is great at playing an attractive dunderhead. But we already knewthat. That's what he's been doing since his early days on "Second CityTV" (SCTV) (1976). What's more surprising is that Perry can soeffectively come across as a sophisticated halfwit. Perry's performanceis so dryly funny that during his scenes it can be easy to mistakeAlmost Heroes for a much more serious endeavor than the MelBrooks-styled farce that it is. Farley has no such subtle complexitiesin his performance, but he's none the worse for that. He just actsnatural, aside from feigning idiocy, as an extremely self-indulgent,substance-abusing boor. That may not sound funny, but in the context ofthe film, it is--Farley was as good at this stuff as was his idol, JohnBelushi. It's only made tragic by the knowledge that similar behavioroff-camera led to his premature death shortly after making this film.The rest of the cast tends to be just as funny, if a bit underused. Forthat matter, though, even Levy is a bit underused.

What brought my score for Almost Heroes down slightly was the fact thatit may be a bit too episodic. The episodes are all like very good toexcellent skits on "Saturday Night Live" (1975) or SCTV, but theydidn't necessarily flow together as a film. Taken separately, many ofthe skits are worthy of a 10--the IMDb message boards are full ofthreads with viewers citing their favorite moments. Reading throughthose after watching the film, just thinking about many of them againmade me laugh out loud. But as a whole, Almost Heroes seems a bitunderdeveloped from what it might have been. This may not beChristopher Guest's best work as a director, but it's worth watchingand definitely deserves a DVD release.