All the Bright Places (\N)

Elle Fanning, Justice Smith,
All the Bright Places is a movie starring Elle Fanning, Justice Smith, and Alexandra Shipp. The story of Violet and Theodore, who meet and change each other's lives forever. As they struggle with the emotional and physical scars of...
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  • Liz Hannah, Jennifer Niven, Writer:
  • Brett Haley, Director:
  • David S. Greathouse, Brittany Kahan, Mitchell Kaplan, Doug Mankoff, Paula Mazur, Producer:


7 / 10

All the Bright Places - Netflix Movie Review

I read the synopsis for All the Bright Places, and, having never read the book that it's based on, I thought that it sounded like an interesting story. It was also one that could have fell completely flat, but I was interested to see which direction it went in. As it turned out, I landed somewhere in the middle.

The frustrating thing is, All the Bright Places has the bones to be a movie that I absolutely loved, and the first twenty minutes were great. Unfortunately, it then turned into a generic and disjointed story, but one which I still enjoyed watching for the most part.

Elle Fanning and Justice Smith fit into their roles nicely, and the characters they were portraying were layered and deep. They both had a number of issues which were affecting them, and it was nice to see the relationship between the two of them blossom. The cinematography and musical score were actually my favourite part of the whole film, and the locations they visited were beautiful.

That's also part of the problem. I would have liked to spend more time in some of these places, to see how the world around them affected their journey to self-recovery. Instead, it jumped around a lot and that meant that the story felt disjointed and the pacing was off.

The story wasn't always as engaging as I would have liked, but it was still entertaining and contained enough positive elements that I would recommend it, as long as you keep your expectations in check.

SCORE: 68%

5 / 10

they had so much but they gave too little

I had this feeling since they announced the movie that i will be disappointed somehow because the book is just way too good and detailed to be put into two hours worth of scenes, but after watching it i ended up not just disappointed, but also mad and really upset because i felt robbed somehow. three minutez in and the beginning, which the whole novel and following events were practically based on was changed. the father and the whole violence thing was given little to no interest. his whole personalities concept, the letter he left violet, the letters he sent his sisters and friends. these things made the story so memorable to me yet they weren't even mentioned. we were given little to no finch and im mad about it. the book had great potential but the movie just felt extremely rushed and made finch's suicide so shallow. i loved the cast, but everything else just sucked. i wish i watched it before reading the book, i feel like i could've enjoyed it a bit more.

2 / 10

More multiculti propaganda from Hollywood

They are really ramping it up to 11 these days. If an alien came to earth and watched a few contemporary "western" films, tv-shows or advertisements, it would believe that every blonde woman on this planet was dating someone of a different ethnic group. It seems impossible for those US-based movie makers to just produce a wholesome romance movie for people to enjoy, without any political agenda being pushed onto the audience, for the most part against their will.This is why I mostly stick with Korean and Japanese movies nowadays. It's not my culture, but at least they are all Asians, doing Asian things the Asian way and it feels authentic.

8 / 10


I actually enjoyed it but i have to say the book was better but that does seem to be the case with every movie based on a novel. people will probably enjoy it more if they haven't read the book beforehand

6 / 10

the book is better

Good movie, but as a person who actually read the book I feel like there is a lot missing that I waiting to see in the movie.I didn't like the ending of the movie though I love the ending of the book. I just think they should have stuck with exact same ending as the book.I also thought that the wonderings would be longer in the movie ,but they were just there for a few moments.I see if people would like to turn a book into a movie they should just stick with book because the book fans would like to see what the expect to see as it is without changing anything.