All I Want for Christmas (1991)

Harley Jane Kozak, Jamey Sheridan, Ethan Embry, Kevin Nealon,
A brother (Ethan Embry) and sister (Thora Birch) attempt to bring their divorced parents back together for Christmas.
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6 / 10

Not As Bad As...

A brother (Ethan Embry) and sister (Thora Birch) attempt to bring their divorced parents back together for Christmas.

Apparently this film did poorly at the box office and critics hated it, too. I can understand that, as it is sort of a lame version of "The Parent Trap", except less quirky and the kids try much less seriously. Really, this one had me wondering why the parents broke up in the first place. (Presumably if it was worth divorcing over, they probably should not get re-married).

What makes this average film worth watching is the kids. Ethan Embry is decent and it is no surprise he has gone on to a remarkable career. Thora Birch is fantastic. Just amazing. Exactly what happened to her, I do not know. After "Ghost World" she seems to have faded away.

8 / 10

A Cute Little Christmas Story

All I want For Christmas is about two kids that are very upset by their parents divorce and the only thing they want for christmas is for them to get back again and be a happy family. It's a cute nice little story, but this stuff never happens in real life. Divorced Parents hardly ever get back together, it's an ugly reality, but that's why we have movies such as these to make us feel happy. Thora Birch gives a great performance, cute little thora. I would give All I Want For Christmas 8/10

6 / 10

heart in the right place

Ethan (Ethan Randall) and Hallie O'Fallon (Thora Birch) live with their divorced mother Catherine (Harley Jane Kozak) and grandmother Lillian (Lauren Bacall) in their upper class New York townhouse. Their father Michael (Jamey Sheridan) opens a diner based on a place important to his relationship with Catherine. Ethan is infatuated with Stephanie from Boston. Hallie asks the store Santa (Leslie Nielsen) to have her parents get married again. Then she overhears her mother agreeing to marry her boyfriend Tony Boer (Kevin Nealon). She realizes that she failed to ask to have her parents marry each other.

The kids are adorable. They're laying a parent trap. The divorced parents' chemistry is obvious and unflinching. Nealon is not necessarily a jerk but kind of a jerk-lite. This is cute but not actually funny. The movie has its heart in the right place but this is not really classic.

10 / 10

I love this film

This film carried me through my parents separation when i was Twelve years old. I was left in a total state of shock which imprisoned me in my bedroom for several weeks with the only comfort being the television, VCR and a copy of all i want for christmas.

I can't honestly say what it is I like about this film, it could be one thing or a million is completely mesmorising. From the bad acting to the in-film songs......this film is a classic.

Having seen the film now around 200 times I know the complete script off by heart and can pre-empt every forthcoming scene with childish glee.

Opening scene

"From the top" "God bless thee......"

I am not mental

7 / 10

This is Santa Claus, not Dear Abby.

How can you watch a movie with Thora Birch and not just want to eat her up for being so cute. I am not referring to the lovely Thora in American Beauty, but the really cute one in this film.

She just wants Santa to get her parents back together. Her brother Ethan (Ethan Embry) doesn't believe in Santa, so he tries to help make his sister's wish come true with the help of the lovely Amy Oberer.

Now, I don't know what mom (Harley Jane Kozak) sees in Kevin Nealon, when her ex is Jamey Sheridan (Syriana, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"), so he must have screwed up big time.

Anyway, Ethan comes through and all is well. Or, was it Santa (Leslie Nielsen)?