After the Pandemic (2022)

Eve James, Kannon Smith, Lelyn Mac,
Follows a scenario in which the death rate for a new virus isn't 1%, but somewhere around 98%. Ellie leaves her neighborhood and stumbles across a new city where she meets Quinn, someone who has taken a different approach to the new
  • 3.7 /10.0 IMDB Rating:
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  • 2022-03-01 Added:
  • Writer:
  • Richard Lowry, Director:
  • Francesca Zappitelli, Producer:
1 / 10

Total garbage

"Five years" after everyone has supposedly died from a virus, the lawns are all still neatly mowed, the corpses have not rotted and still stink .. total amateur hour.

1 / 10

if there was a lower review than 1 star this movie would get it

If you like wasting time with garbage then this is a movie for you.

No common sense what so ever.

Spoiler alert !!!!! Who cares don't watch itFor example one of the main characters faces 3 people at the same time twice and still manages to kill them without getting hit once.

1 / 10

No one is alive except gardeners and cleaners

The gardeners are pretty good at keeping the lawns landscaped and the house cleaners make sure there isn't any dust. Even after 5 years. There are cannibals about too, even though there is no-one to eat. This was pretty stupid all round.

With irritating main characters, stupid bad guys, bizarre backstories, and a burgeoning teenage lesbian romance there is little to recommend this film. I generously give it 1 star because of how clean the teens keep their clothes and their rooms.

1 / 10

Bad sooooo bad

How is it possible to make such a bad movie in 2022? With such good video editing software freely available this is pathetic. Did a teenage make this movie with their mobile phone for a school project or something?

1 / 10


Watching this movie was absolutely excruciating. My wife and I watched it and I was screaming at the TV set every 3 or 4 minutes. Totally ludicrous and unbelievable, preposterous, absurd,separated from any believable behavior. This girl who is the lead character is very very unlikable. Very dumb, hopeless moron. Does the stupidest stupidest things you can imagine. She doesn't go out the first and second day to get all the food, water and medical supplies and guns to protect herself, she just walks around like a bimbo and keeps running from the government cars. The directing is atrocious it's like an artsy-fartsy garbage movie. Maddening. Truly maddening. Could have been good.